2020 Jamb Reprinting of Results is out, this is to notify the general public that our Nigeria jamb has desired to release the normal platform for checking of result slips after jamb examination this is normal practice, but  this year due to maintenance or the case of the convid19 issues most government officers has to be close for almost a long period of time, but we can tell all those who have being waiting that the portal is fully opened and change of courses and change of schools for those who scored low for the jamb and wants to change for better positioning for the admission process come 2020,

we are fully available at ur doorsteps to answer and help out on the processes involved in the changes and free changing of those that can’t come to our officers at Port Harcourt rivers state


At first not really a big deal or job checking for your self or your ward the process is simple or you can call or WhatsApp us @ 08182718991 for quick accessing of your results always and the admission process

log on to the jamb website and click on the facility link below or just try using his quick link here  https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Efacility  

With the link above checking of your results are sure but admission is not sure if you don’t do well on the upcoming post UTME coming soon by all Nigerians school at the federation levels

2020 Jamb Reprinting of Results is out

Why jamb delayed the opening of results checking to the public lots and lots of issues and rumor going rounds is that jamb is misusing  or adding marks for some people, is a laughable thing to say, but this is Nigeria sha anything can happen but I can tell you categorically that the delays were for a better performance of the website and to serve the Nigeria citizen well


Jamb is not in the best positions to tell you when post utme for universities will start but all we can say is that the post-school examinations for jambite is coming soon, the convid19 virus has really broken down the world school educational systems, but in due time the universities will set a timetable for the resumption and the examination will be conducted as well.


If you scored below 190 or 180, this is not to make you scared or make you feel bad at all, we are here to give  you hope that the such a score might help you this jamb because lots of people didn’t write man most persons failed jamb as well as not even interested to school in public universities anymore    (https://thenigeriafm.com/under-20-newly-found-joy/

What change of course and change of institution is all about

change of courses and schools is all about choice and decision from both parents and the applicant involved, please dont allow your parents to make sure a huge choice for you because you as a person is the one to go to school and not your dad or your mummy  

YOU  CAN CALL US @ 08182718991



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