Who Is A Black Man ( Blacks And White )


Who Is A Black Man ( Blacks And White ) A BLACK MAN IS A PERSON WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS AND WANTS TO DO IT RIGHT Blacks fear nobody, blacks are supposed to lead, black colors stain white or any other colors

Who Is A Black Man ( Blacks And White )

Black life matters a lot, we all say that every day,  but who is ready to take the lead …, what just happened in America could be a political setup for the president due to the November election come 2020, but what will the end of the protest like, what is the reason of the dead among the living, in protest in Africa, the most person get hurt most people get killed, and we say black life matters a lot last week a Nigeria guy was killed in India

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to make things worst I didn’t see any social media handle buzzing as much as this black American guys am not saying that people should not talk or air there views on who to talk about to protest for, but if we all blacks want to get it right for once we all need to act like Israelite,





Whenever there is a piece of bad news in the world that involve blacks in Africa, you hardly see or hear about white black Americans talk about it we blacks are our biggest issues here, when the former president of America was in power what bill did he pass or sponsor to stop racism in the great American cities or was he not seeing the future of what was gonna happen In less than 4years after leaving the office or seat of the white house, so doesn’t it mean blacks have not being killed for no just course when he was a president, one thing we have to understand is that lots of blacks supported and voted the current president of America (trump ]



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Blacks need to understand they are black and will never be white folks, and that black is more beautiful and globally than white, self-respect and self-determination among each other,

Blacks need to adjust their lifestyle in developed countries and learn to respect the rules, the days of Tupac Shakur is all gone, technology has changed everything even the way we eat and laugh technology and time have changed the way of training kids and doing things in our neighborhood.

All black should know that white is not the problem here, that if we black should try and change our mentality toward our self, we all are all gonna be great and greater than the superman of our days. blacks need to be responsible for their actions towards everything we do in life, remember we are all created by ONE GOD.



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Blacks don’t like fellow black equally

Blacks don’t respect rules much

Blacks are always the scapegoat

Blacks are fully into deep day to day Drugs

Most blacks love crime and want to live a gangster life (George Floyd Protest: Many Arrested, 6 Officers Injured; Walgreens, CVS Looted During Violent Rampage)

Blacks don’t know their right


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Jobs Entry Clearance Assistant position at the British High Commission

Blacks black black black, yes don’t look at me that way most black wanna change their colors to white, by doing so makes this white feel they are all strong and mini gods to the blacks in America

Blacks don’t support blacks, they prefer to look onto white people like GOD


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