How to write Community service reports


       How to write Community service reports Community service is a practice that is very familiar to the youths. It involves channeling of resources to the service of the community. The service of the community doesn’t necessarily involves the youths, children and the elderly.  Group of individuals can devote their resources towards serving the community. It is critically important to note that the aim of serving the community is to achieve a positive goal. In the situation, where the goal deviate from positivity, It is to be abhorred even if it means that the resources mapped out for serving the community is wasted. The aim of community service in the universities is to create the awareness among students that service to humanity for a common good is very necessary.




How to write Community service reports


Community: According to Ogili in Oyebanuji and Co (2008) defined community as a territorially bounded social system within which people live in harmony, intimacy and share common social economic and cultural characteristic OR it is a population of people living within legally established city limit, where the people have social and economic features in common which enable them pursue common goals

Service: Is a valuable action, deed, or effort performed to satisfy a need or to fulfill a demand or it is a system that supply a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water.




Community Service: Is the donation of time and service in the form of volunteering to benefit individuals or groups within a community or the community as a whole. It will always be hands on activity where you are directly helping people in some capacity.




Importance of Community Service: Without community services in our society many people would not know the meaning, usefulness, or importance of clarity serving in your community, addresses many grass roots problems that fall through the cracks of government and social agencies.

Community service is a very important factor when it comes to bettering your society, through our own experience and observation; we have come to support and believe our opinion on this issue.

Our experience that supports this theory involved our work.





Community service enable students to acquire skills and knowledge as well as provide a service rooter that need it in some way

Community service provides students with opportunities to become active in the community and positive contributors to society

It heightens the instincts of the students as the need to serve people for the common good. Sacrificing time and energy on useful acts is a stepping stone to future service to the country in the labour field.





Location of the Project: The community service project site was located at (the environments )with specific areas after issuing of equipments to different groups.

The Nature of the Project: The just concluded community service project was one to remember as it had to do with cutting of grass and cleaning of  drainage and painting in Abuja campus school of post graduate studies.


(1) Paint (2) Shovels (3) Brooms   (4) Cutlass (5) brush

Analysis of our Group: We arrived at 8:00am dot; work started as early as 10:00 am and ended by 3pm. The group was made up of three (3) people.

The community service brought out the energetic aspect of students. It was indeed surprising to see the students turn-out in their numbers with the necessary equipments, working tirelessly to achieve this goal. 


Our Experience: In the course of community service, we learnt a lot from the community service. We learned to enjoy and relish our time there. It was a very rewarding experience and we got to do many things we wouldn’t if we had an opportunity to do otherwise like; cutting grass and raking drainages where necessary, but it is an experience that we will never forget in our life. We came to understand that teamwork is the ultimate and must be the driving force of any society to achieve a reasonable collective goal.

Challenges Encounter During The Community Service


  1. Sunlight: This was one of the major problems we had during the community service. We worked under the sun, it shined intensely which made the work somehow difficult and stressful cause it made us tired and tasty.
  2. Water: water was also a very big challenge to us during the community service. There was no provision of water and the work was a very stressful one cause we were working under the sun which made us tasty almost always but there was no water provided so we have to buy water with our own money.

Before work pictures


during works pitures


after work pictures

In the aspect of finance, appropriate funds should be allocated to the students to ensure accessibility to the said location of practice.

Proper dissemination of information is most preferable to communicate to students and supervisor alike.


I learnt a lot from the community service. In the previous years, community service has always been experienced by students of the University of Different Departments. In all endeavors of life together, oneness and cooperation is the key to achieving a collective goal. Our community service was made successful because we worked as a team to achieve our goal.


I appreciate the school management that made it possible for me to engage in this exercise/project of the community service which has given me the opportunity to serve humanity. Also thanks to my supervisors who stood under the sun directing and correcting me on how the work should be done.


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