how to get a job in nigeria

                                         how to get a job in nigeria Are you thinking or wondering how you can get a good  job in Nigeria with no Godfathers or political influences, so  think no more for we are here to assist you and bring those dreams of yours alive and active again, we know Nigeria is in a whole lot of stress right now, for people without connections and experiences





And read all details below to know how things are done in this country, first of all, you have to dust your CV again and the key to our advice at







According to  statistics, over lots of young hardworking Nigeria graduate from the university every year but most of them end up not even getting their dream jobs, the ideal is someone must still do the mina jobs, this is after one most have spends almost 5 years in the universities  then comes out for NYSC AND STIL NO JOBS







Now let’s talk about those once with bad results like third class and pass in the school who will eventually give them a job to sustain the hardship, all we are saying here is that you have to believe in your self no matter the situations on the ground.





Step By Step Process to Get A Job in Nigeria Without Connection

Note  always make sure you upgraded your skills and stand out among others in everything  you  do , always ask google for any  relevant information you don’t know

Step one

Step By Step Process to Get A Job in Nigeria

  1. Reflect on your skills.70%
  2. Update your resume regularly. 100%
  3. Plan your career path.             60%
  4. Set your career goals.              100%
  5. Explore and improve your skills. 100%
  6. Prepare your CV.                                70%
  7. Prepare for Job Interviews.                            100%
  8. Know how to negotiate Salary.                      70%

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