Nysc Online Registration and Requirements

Nysc Online Registration and Requirements , First of all lets talk more about the origin  and objectives of Nysc and its origin.  The Nigerian government established the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to engage Nigerian graduates in nation building and development. Although there is no military conscription in Nigeria, graduates of universities and later polytechnics have been required to participate in the National Youth Service Corps program for one year since 1973. Nysc Online Registration and Requirements


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Nysc Online Registration and Requirements


This is referred to as the national service year. Until 1975, Ahmadu Ali was the NYSC’s first Director-General. Shuaibu Ibrahim is the current Director-General. and lets go down to the History  of NYSC

On 18 April 2016, Major General Suleiman Kazaure was named director general of the NYSC, and he served as the scheme’s 17th DG until his reassignment to the Nigerian Army Resource Centre on 26 April 2019. Until his appointment, Ibrahim, the new NYSC chief, was the Registrar of the Nigerian Army University in Biu, Borno State. Nysc Online Registration and Requirements

HISTORY and Operation  OF NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established on May 22, 1973, as a means of facilitating national reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding following the civil war. It was founded in accordance with Decree No. 24, which stated that the program was established “with a view to the correct stimulation and development of common links among Nigerian youngsters and the promotion of national unity.” Corps members (participants in the National Youth Service Scheme) are posted to states other than their home state, where they are expected to mix with people from various ethnic groups, social and family backgrounds, and to learn the culture of the indigenes in the location to which they are assigned. This action is intended to promote national unity and to teach young people about various ethnic groups. There is a three-week “orientation” period away from family and friends in a military-controlled “camp.” The camps are spread across the federation’s 36 states. At the completion of the three-week orientation camp, there is also a “passing out ceremony,” following which corp members are assigned to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). They are supposed to work full-time at their PPA, with the exception of one working day dedicated to community development service execution. After eleven months at their PPA, corp members are granted one month of vacation before their final passing out ceremony, during which they will be awarded certificates of completion.

Eligibility for service  / Service Eligibility

To be eligible for the mandatory one-year service, a graduate must be under the age of 30 at the time of graduation, or else he or she would be issued a Certificate of Exemption, which is also equal to the NYSC Discharge Certificate. A graduate who graduated before the age of 30 but skipped the service year is still eligible to serve at the age of 60, because his certificate of graduation was dated before he turned 30. NYSC is mandatory in the sense that graduates of the country cannot request exemption unless they are incapacitated or have served in the military or paramilitary forces. for a period of more than one year or had reached the age of 30 when they graduated, as explained above. Part-time graduates (CEP) are awarded an Exemption Letter since they are not permitted to serve. Nysc Online Registration and Requirements

Registration Requirements for eligible graduates
To register, prospective corps members must have a valid and functional email address as well as a Nigerian (GSM) phone number. Locally trained graduates must also have a valid jamb and matriculation number. Prospective corps members with foreign training should check that their institutions are accredited. Furthermore, if they received their training in a non-English speaking country, they must translate their diplomas into English before uploading them. It is also vital to know that proxy registrations are not permitted.

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The program’s objectives of Nysc
The following are the objectives of the National Youth Service Corps Program, as stated in Decree No.51 on June 16, 1993:
• To establish discipline in Nigerian youngsters by instilling in them a tradition of hard labor and patriotic and devoted service to Nigeria in whatever situation they may find themselves in.
• Raise the morale of Nigerian youths by providing them with opportunities to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural advancement.
• To instill in Nigerian youngsters mental attitudes developed through shared experience and appropriate training, which will make them more accessible to mobilization in the national interest.


• To encourage Nigerian youths to develop skills for self-employment in order to foster a spirit of self-reliance; • To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy; • To develop common ties among Nigerian youths in order to promote national unity and integration; and • To remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance, and confirm firsthand the many similarities among Nigerians of all ethnic backgrounds.
• To foster a feeling of corporate existence and collective destiny among Nigerians.
• The equitable distribution of service corps members and the appropriate application of their abilities in areas of national need

  • That as far as possible, youths are assigned to jobs in States other than their States of origin
  • That such group of youths assigned to work together is as representative of Nigeria as far as possible
  • That the Nigerian youths are exposed to the modes of living of the people in different parts of Nigeria
  • That the Nigerian youths are encouraged to eschew religious intolerance by accommodating religious differences
  • That members of the service corps are encouraged to seek at the end of their one-year national service, career employment all over Nigeria, thus promoting the free movement of labour
  • That employers are induced partly through their experience with members of the service corps to employ more readily and on a permanent basis, qualified Nigerians, irrespective of their States of origin.
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