The blind Generation : THE TRUTH OR FALSE THEORY

  The blind Generation : THE TRUTH OR FALSE THEORY  As a country we have seen it all never will any reasonable person or group see the right thing and not talk , life can be more complicated , but as a Nigerians with the present administration life is almost hell on earth, most youths has loose and lost hope in anything called or about our formal great nation `in quote most up coming youth we are not talking about those ones born with silver spoon or those ones with big god. not to talk about the recent America visa ban on Nigerian, this is another blow to the black nations as a whole . but till date i wonder why some region in the country find nothing wrong about it, mercilessness ,this is bad impression on us , we government is poor in handling diplomatic matters since independents , how can this be truth both opposite parties always accusing each other of the ones involve in the nations crimes and insecurity bad governance among other s in Nigeria .


The blind Generation : THE TRUTH OR FALSE THEORY


the Amotekun and the gods of the land the insecurity ,issues what about the burial of the father of Nnamdi kanu ipob leader and about the Dss saga . what a blind generation we have a generation that can not ask for a better life but when ever they see politicians is like they saw mini gods of the land . what happens to the return of the ipob leaders will he be rearrested of will the federal government let him pass by like a normal nigeriA CASE

N-Power: Buhari govt set date to sack beneficiaries Federal Government youth employment scheme was designed to run for two years, hence the first batch would be phased out as they are overdue. yes we know is long over due but what happens to all the 500,000 people that will be left without a good job . The Minister downplayed any form of perceived panic among the first batch of beneficiaries maintaining that beneficiaries should have saved some money from their monthly allowances. yes minister said it all but as a Nigerian we still have to panic about it cause most of the time the government don’t really care about what really happens to the common man around /

Boko Haram: they all lied about it all telling us they have won the war , is actually a big shame to us and the world is watching how most innocent people are being killed daily by the monster called Boko Haram.Till date no soul has asked this question who is the main sponsor of Boko Haram , Light , lol we live in a country where the light is moistly for the rich and big men around, we claim we supply Light or generate light to some of the Africa nations but here we are tying and reading darkness this is Africa , but not always Africa

Black politicians, with black man mentality , full of wickedness selfishness, arrogance , not caring corruption , they make the most sweet and lovely promises in the world but can not even keep just a single little one , is very hard to understand black politicians . the quest for power can make them kill and being killed

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