Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report

Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report   below are sample and already written IT report of Miss NWONYE BLOSSOM  undergraduate student of university of port Harcourt Rivers state


Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report

This academic report is dedicated first and foremost to God Almighty who kept me alive and in good health through the duration of the SIWES program. Special dedication to my family, mentors and friends for their endless support in seeing to the success of this industrial training. it report sample


Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report





1.0       About SIWES

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is the standard skills training program for Students in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. The Federal Government’s decree No. 47 of 8th October, 1971, as amended in 1990, highlighted the building of human resources in industries, commerce and government training and retraining of workers in order to effectively provide the much needed high quality goods and services in a dynamic economy as ours. This decree led to the establishment of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in 1973/1974. The growing concern among industrialists that graduates of our higher institutions lack adequate practical knowledge to fit into employments industries led to the formation of SIWES by ITF. By virtue of the scheme students are exposed to Industry-Standard Equipment, professionals in their various fields of study, real world projects and professional work ethics. The duration for the scheme is a minimum of 6 months (24 weeks). The SIWES program is carried out at different levels by the Students, Universities and the Industries.

  • Importance of SIWES

The importance of SIWES includes:

  • The scheme provides student with practical knowledge of course of study.
  • Students are able to develop relationship with potential employers during this time frame.
  • The SIWES program me exposes students to real life working experiences and challenge.
  • This period marks the beginning of acquisition of major work ethics and conduct for most students involved in the scheme.
  • The SIWES program establishes a close collaboration between institution and industries, a factor which is essential for preparing people for the work force.



it report sample


1.2       Objectives of SIWES

The objectives of the student’s industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) as stated in the industrial Training Fund (ITF) 2013 are to:

  1. Provide an avenue for the students in institutions of higher learning to acquire industrial skills and experience in their courses of study.
  2. Prepare students for the industrial work situations they are to meet after graduation;
  3. Expose students to work methods and techniques in handling equipmentand machinery that may not be available in their institutions;
  4. Make the transition from school to the world of work easier, and enhance student’s contracts for later job placement;
  5. Provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in real work situation thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  6. Enlist and strengthen employers’ involvement in the entire educational process and prepare students for employment after graduation.

1.3       Benefits of Industrial Training

Experts deemed industrial experience necessary for proper job preparation. This is because productivity is enhanced by experienced graduate or new entrance into the world of work really needs an early exposure to the skills and value of the industry. Hence, without appropriate skills and experience young graduates are not properly trained on work, norms and role behavior amongst others. These components will ensure success at the job place.

Today Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is changing the way many jobs are performed, thus altering the knowledge and skills required of workers. Consequently, a new level of competency is required of our students. This cannot be sufficiently met by training facilities in our education institutions hence the need for collaborative effort between institutions and industrial sector.

The major benefits accrued students who participate conscientiously in industrial training are the skills and competencies they acquire. These Relevant Production Skills (RPSs) remain a part of the recipients of industrial training as lifelong assets which cannot be taken away from them. This is because the knowledge and skills acquired via the training are in-depth and internalized and hence becomes relevant when required to perform jobs or functions. Several other benefits can accrue to students who participate in industrial training.

1.4       Bodies Involved in the Management of the SIWES Program

The following bodies have specific roles assigned to them in the administration and management of SIWES (ITF, 2013).

  • The Federal Government of Nigeria
  • The Industrial Training Fund (ITF)
  • National Universities Commission (NUC)
  • National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE)
  • Institutions of Higher Learning; and
  • The Employers of Labor


The Federal Government of Nigeria

The federal Government of Nigeria is assigned the following roles:

To provide adequate funds to the Industrial Training Fund through the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment for the scheme.

To make it mandatory for all ministries, companies and parastatals to offer places for the attachment of students in accordance with the provisions of decree No. 47 of 1971 as amended in 2011.


1.5       Organization where SIWES was carried out

1.5.1    History and background of Smartech Global

Smartech Global is a tech firm, that is engaged in nurturing, training and equipping individuals with the relevant skills in the present digital world. They build software solutions for corporate/private organizations, individuals, assists in data analysis, and offers training in the following categories:

  • Web development and design
  • App development and design
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Mathematical and Statistical computation/thinking, etc.

Smartech has been in this journey of helping businesses and individuals grow since July 2017.They are a group of trained professionals, always willing to bring your business to the limelight, via the World Wide Web and branding. They train team members of corporate and private firms.

The firm was started to bridge the gap between the theoretical work done in schools in the field of computing and other disciplines like Mathematical and Statistical science and the practical knowledge needed in the industries/firms, and are looking forward to expanding to other areas of the nation and other nations. For a clearer conviction, just have a visit, and take your brand to the next level, or get skills in the trending, and useful technologies.

Contact Address:Street Opposite Shopping complex, besides NUH and Sports hostel, Abuja Campus Uniport.


Phone Number(s):  081-6533-5988, 080-9354-6694


  • Various branches in Smartech Global

Smartech Global is an organization that is responsible with software building/development with the use of some tools/programming languages, it has different branches which are responsible for the development of these software. These branches include;


This department is responsible with the development of websites, and there are different tools/ packages in this branch that are used for web development. Web development is divided into two parts. There is the Frontend development which uses HTML CSS and JavaScript to develop the graphical user interface of a website and then there is Backend development which focuses on the server side development that is how the site works. The various languages used in Web development include;

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language that allows you to structure the information that is displayed to the user. It’s an HTML document consists of elements each represented by an HTML tag, such as a heading, a paragraph of text or a text input field.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a styling language used to describe the visual appearance of HTML elements. It can be used to controls aspects like the positioning of an element, its dimensions, text style or colors, or almost any other visual aspect of a website.

JavaScript: (JS) is the most used programming language for developing user interfaces for the web. It allows you to add custom behavior to your websites, such as reacting to user events, loading data from web services and showing or hiding elements on a page. It also allows you to interact with the browser through various APIs.



This is a special department that is targeted towards the development of mobile applications, both android and IOS. The development specializes in using a technology called Flutter in creating the mobile apps. Flutter is an open source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac Linus, Google and Web. The major component of Flutter includes:

  • Dart platform
  • Flutter engine
  • Foundation library
  • Design-Specific widgets


This is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithm and system to get insight and knowledge from structured and unstructured data for visualization and interpretative purposes. This is one of the most useful technology right now, this is because data are being generated at unstoppable rate, because of evolution of technology like IOT, Social media, and these messy, big and unstructured data need to be processed by data scientist.  It could also be explained as the process of extracting knowledge and insights from data by using scientific methods (Programming, Statistics, and Business). Some of the subfield of data science are:

  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Mathematical and Statistical computation/thinking, etc.










I wish to register my profound gratitude to God Almighty for the guidance and grace throughout my life.

I’m also grateful for my mom Mrs.  who was able to financially support my educational pursuit, I pray she contains to remain blessed and all her hard work will be rewarded.

I’m grateful also to the entire staff of Smartech Global Rivers State Port Harcourt for making my industrial training interesting, educative, interactive and worthwhile. Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report















Cover Page

Dedication                                                                                                   i

Acknowledgement                                                                                      ii

Table of Content                                                                                         iii

Abstract                                                                                                       v

Chapter one – Introduction

1.0       About SIWES                                                                                      1

1.1       Importance of SIWES                                                                       1

1.2       Objectives of SIWES                                                                           2

1.3       Benefits of Industrial Training                                                           2

1.4       Bodies involved in the management of the SIWES

Program                                                                                                  3

  • Organization where SIWES was carried out 3

1.5.1    History and background of Smartech Global                                    3

1.5.2    Various branches in Smartech Global                                               4


Chapter two– Industrial Training Experience

2.0       Brief Summary of Industrial Training Experience             6

2.1       About Git Hub                                                                                   6

2.2       Introduction to Web Development                                                                 7

            2.3       Importance of Web Development                                                                  7

2.4       Branches in Web Development                                                                      7

2.4.1    Front-end Development                                                          7

2.4.2    Back-end Development                                                          8

2.4.3    Full Stack Development                                                         8

Chapter three –Programming Languages Learnt During Industrial Training

3.1       HTML                                                                                                             9

3.1.1    HTML Page Structure                                                                                    9

3.1.2    HTML Elements                                                                                 10

3.1.3    HTML Tags                                                                                        10

3.1.4    Text Tags                                                                                            10

3.1.5    Container Tags                                                                                    11

3.1.6    Form Tags                                                                                           11

3.1.7    Multimedia Tags                                 `                                               12

3.2       CSS                                                                                                                 13

3.2.1       CSS Syntax                                                                                         13

            3.2.2    CSS Selectors                                                                                     13

                        3.2.3    How to Add CSS to a HTML document                                           14

            3.3       JavaScript                                                                                                        16

                        3.3.1    JavaScript Output                                                                               16

Chapter Four – New Skills Acquired, Challenges And Recommendations

4.1       Acquired Skills                                                                                               21

                        4.1.1    Weather App                                                                                       21

            4.2       Challenges faced                                                                                             27

4.3       Recommendations                                                                                          27

References                                                                                                                            28



The student industrial work experience scheme (SIWES), established by Federal Government of Nigeria, focuses on the development of students of higher institutions with the aim ofproviding sufficient industrial work experience at their undergraduate level, and also for utilizing theoretical concepts learnt to enable them acquire practical skills in their various course of studies, and to prepare them for industrial experience which they are likely to meet after graduation.The scheme is tailored to produce graduates well-grounded in both theory and practice. Different organizations or company’s may need to launch a website for easy accessibility of their products and for people to get more information about what they do, so to this effect the services of a web developer are required. With web development companies can create beautiful and easily accessible websites which different people all over the world can access and understand why the company’s products or services being rendered are relevant or necessary for them to buy and use. Web development is not only limited to just creating company websites it can also be used to design web pages like a to-do software, a note taking interface, an online store, a weather app and so many more with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During my six (6) months industrial training I was opportune to acquire some of this knowledge. Sample of an I T report and how to write an IT report




student it report











MATRIC NO: U2017/5570157












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