Possible Causes of Npower Payment Status Failure

  Possible Causes of Npower Payment Status Failure  In today’s Npower news, we’ll talk about the Reasons Why Some of You Are Seeing Failed on Your Npower Payment Status, so keep reading.
While Nasims prepares to publish a post by tomorrow about the ‘FAILED’ payment status lately experienced by some beneficiaries after they have determined the likely cause and solution, we will highlight what may have occurred.

Possible Causes of Npower Payment Status Failure


The fact that Npower has started paying Npower beneficiaries is no longer news. However, as the payment process continued, certain recipients were informed that they would not be paid unless they validated their accounts on the Nasims site, and they were instructed to do so To add a BVN record to their account, modify their profile or call the Nasims help line at the numbers below.
Despite the fact that Npower has submitted payment to the beneficiaries’ bank for disbursement, certain beneficiaries’ payroll status has been in the processing mode for the past week. Beneficiaries whose accounts have not been authenticated may receive a failed payment status, which simply means that your bank attempted to pay you but the payment was unsuccessful due to one or more issues that Nasims will fix tomorrow.


If you’re among the category of those who haven’t paid their bills, please don’t panic. Nasim’s team will write a blog post about the problem and possible solutions



Meanwhile, you can contact Nasims agents for your validation, via these numbers: 092203102, 018888340, and willingly release the information as requested if your account details are not correct. If however, our helplines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals and DO NOT SEND EMAIL.


Kindly follow the steps below to validate your account

1) Login to your dashboard www.nasims.gov.ng

2) Click on deployment and check below the tab for a write up like “verify account’ click on it and insert your bank details and bvn

3) Then click on submit.

4) After that it will automatically download your PPA letter. Ignore the new download if u have done that before.



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