Nigeria Customs Service JOBS Actuarial Science (08)

Nigeria Customs Service JOBS Actuarial Science (08) 2022    The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is an independent customs service that is responsible for collecting customs revenue, facilitating national and international trade, and anti-smuggling efforts under the supervision of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance.
The comptroller general leads the NCS and supervises the work of six deputy comptrollers general in the following departments: Corporate Support Services; Tariff & Trade; Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection; Modernization, Research, and Economic Relations; Excise, Industrial Incentives, and Free Trade Zone; and Human Resource Development.
The minister of finance chairs the NCS board, with Col. Hameed Ali, the service’s comptroller general, as vice-chairman. Col. Hameed Ali is not a career Customs officer, but was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari with the goal of restructuring and overhauling the agency.

Job Description

Perform actuarial tasks in any capacity required by the Nigeria Customs Service



For Customs Superintendent Cadre ASC II (CONSOL 08) job roles, the applicant must possess a Bachelor’s degree, HND or equivalent in Actuarial Science from a recognized institution as well as an NYSC Discharge or Exemption certificate.
In addition to the specific requirement candidate must:
a) Nigerian Citizen by birth or descent
b) Not less than 1.7metres in height for male and 1.64metres for female
c) Have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.89metres
d) Be certified by a Government Medical Officer to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in the Service
e) Not be suffering from any physical or mental disability
f) Be free from any form of financial embarrassment
g) Be of good character and must not be found guilty of any criminal offence
h) Be computer literate
i) Must not be above 30years old
j) Have a certificate of state of origin signed by Chairman/Secretary of their Local Governments. Certificates endorsed by Liaison Officers will not be accepted.
Note: Candidates will be assessed and recruited (if successful) strictly based on Certificate(s)  presented during the process. Any false declaration will lead to automatic disqualification and prosecution. Furthermore, no case of upgrading will be entertained before or after the recruitment.


A guaranteed job security associated with working for the Federal Government as well as the possibility of growth as a reward for hard work.

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