Expertnaire executive Review if it is legit or Not

    Expertnaire executive Review if it is legit or Not



What is the name of the company that owns Expertnaire?
Who is the owner of Expertnaire? Toyin Omotoso, a Nigerian marketing specialist, owns Expertnaire. He also controls 7 Star Systems, which is home to the 72IG Implementation Program.

Expertnaire Review – How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire is a fast-growing affiliate marketing network, and as a result, many people are skeptical of its credibility. Is it genuine or a ruse? All of that, as well as other information regarding the program, is included in this article.
In general, despite their value, most digital product makers find it difficult to sell their products on the open market due to a lack of a consumer base. Expertnaire, on the other hand, has made marketing and sales a lot easier. Expertnaire is a digital marketing platform that helps digital product developers increase sales by utilizing high-performing affiliates. In terms of affiliate marketing in Nigeria, it has essentially risen to the top of the rankings.

everything about  Expertnaire
The platform connects digital product developers with affiliate marketers who sell the products on their behalf. As a result, all you have to do as a digital product producer is list your product on the platform and wait for the marketers to do the rest in exchange for a fee. On the other side, you don’t have to create digital products to make money; instead, you can use the affiliate model. We’ll talk about how to make a lot of money on Expertnaire without selling anything.

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Is Expertnaire legit or a scam?

The Expertnaire program is completely legitimate, with no gimmicks or deceptive promises. You can also opt to become an affiliate or a dealer. We arrived at this conclusion after conducting extensive research on folks who use Toyin Omotoso’s platforms.
Review of the Expertnaire – Money-making opportunities
Expertnaire offers a variety of opportunities to earn money, including:


Expertnaire review – Ways to make money

The ways to make money on Expertnaire include:

1. As a vendor or product creator

The Expertnaire platform’s product creation section is for people who want to offer digital products. Basically, research has proved that the most efficient method of sales is through referrals, which is why the Expertnaire platform follows this approach. Getting as many affiliates to promote your product as possible is undoubtedly the quickest approach to increase sales. As a result, affiliates on the platform inform others about the products and persuade them to purchase them. Expertnaire has currently sold nearly 20,000 digital goods.

2. As a business partner
The second option to generate money on Expertnaire is through an affiliate arrangement. Essentially, you are in charge of selling the things posted on the site by producers or dealers. You are free to promote the product however you choose as long as sales are made, and you will be paid a commission by the merchant. This is, in essence, one of the simplest ways to make a lot of money online.
You can also utilize your social media platforms to advertise the products as an affiliate marketer, such as Facebook, WhatsApp status, Instagram, Twitter, and others. All you have to do is click on the system-assigned unique link for each product. Furthermore, the system assures that

How Expertnaire works – Joining as an affiliate

Here is the step by step processes on how Expertnaire works and how you can register to start making money:

1. Sign up on the Expertnaire marketplace

To sign up, you would need to pay a yearly sign-up fee of N10,000 only. Therefore, this means that at the end of every year, you have to renew with the same sum or they would terminate your membership.

2. Promote products listed on the Expertnaire platform


After registration, the next step is to select any digital product of your choice and promote them. However, ensure you only promote through the link the system supplies you. Also, note that in general, it is favorable to promote digital products with a high commission so you can earn more.

3. Receive payment

The last step in the process is to receive payment. After selling the product you promote, the company would pay the agreed commission to your account. Also, note that the commissions are deposited directly to your bank account every Friday.


How to become a vendor on Expertnaire?

The only step you need to become a vendor is to signup as one. However, they require you to pay a nonrefundable fee of N25,000 which is to be renewed yearly. Failure to pay before it is due means you automatically lose your vendor membership.



How to Register on Expertnaire as a vendor

On the other hand, you can choose to join the platform as a vendor, and list your products for affiliate marketers to sell. However, there are certain criteria that your product need to meet to be accepted, they are:

Requirements for new vendors

  1. Study the terms and conditions surrounding operating as a vendor on the platform
  2. If you are satisfied with the conditions, forward the details of your product to the platform for approval. Also, note that anything you list on the platform must be original, as Expertnaire does not allow reselling other people’s products.


Expertnaire executive Review if it is legit or Not

The details to send to Expertnaire include:

  • URL of your product’s page as you are not allowed to list a product without a sales page. Also, ensure that you hire a good copywriter to create a product and maximize sales.
  • Access to the product’s delivery system and also its quality, to able to place a value on the product
  • The percentage you want to pay affiliates per product they sell (affiliates usually go for products with the highest commissions)
  • A valid customer support information through which buyers can reach you or your business in case there’s an emergency. Furthermore, send the details above to using the subject line as the title of the mail.
  • 3. Create a vendor account to track your sales if Expertnaire approves your request. However, keep in mind that a vendor account registration cost of N25,000 per year is nonrefundable. Visit register, go to the official Expertnaire website at
    For those who have previously signed up as Expertnaire sellers,. Submit the details as mentioned in the platform above to Expertnaire for approval. 2. Once approved, the Expertnaire technical staff will create your product’s sales page.
  • you sent in on the Expertnaire platform. Therefore, this would make it available to affiliates. Expertnaire executive Review if it is legit or Not 

    What else should I know before registering on Expertnaire?

    You should note the following:

    1. Expertnaire charges a 10% fee on all products listed.
    2. They collect payment on your behalf, pays the affiliate, and also delivers the product to the buyer
    3. Expertnaire products come with a 30 days refund policy
    4. They pay vendors once every two weeks on Fridays



    How is the commission share between vendors and affiliates?

    Basically, the vendors determine the commission of every product they decide to sell, while the affiliates choose any product they want to market. Therefore, the commission set by a vendor goes to the affiliate, 10% goes to Expertnaire, while the vendor receives what is left.

    How to make money on the Expertnaire affiliate program

    You can make money by promoting products listed on the Expertnaire platform. However, you only earn when you make a sale, as they pay the commission into your account. On Expertnaire, you can earn commissions as high as 75% on each sale.

    How to become an affiliate on Expertnaire?

    Basically, all you need to do is to visit their official website and register as an affiliate. Registration requires a nonrefundable N10,000 payment, which you have to renew yearly to not lose your membership.

    How do I get paid with Expertnaire?

    Expertnaire makes payments of both vendors and affiliates through bank deposits. However, vendors receive payments once every two weeks on Fridays, while they pay affiliates every Friday of the week.

    Does Expertnaire teach people how to sell their products?

    No, it doesn’t. Instead, Expertnaire is a product listing platform and not a training platform, therefore, it does not show you how to sell your products online. However, it allows you to connect with top affiliates directly through the telegram group or physical meetings.


    As a digital developer, Expertnaire is an excellent platform for effectively promoting your product. After enrolling with the platform, you can also make money as an affiliate.


  • Expertnaire executive Review if it is legit or Not

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