Willow America’s newest kitten in the White House

    Willow America’s newest kitten in the White House           Willow made her first impression on Jill Biden when she stormed the platform during a campaign stop in 2020 and interrupted her remarks. After America’s first family acquired a two-year-old farm cat from Pennsylvania, US President Joe Biden has welcomed a new fluffy feline tenant to the White House. Willow, a gray and white striped tabby cat with green eyes, first made an impact on First Lady Jill Biden when she leaped up on stage during a campaign visit during the presidential election in 2020 and interrupted her remarks.  According to Michael LaRosa, a spokesman for the First Lady, “the owner of the property decided Willow belonged with Dr Biden after observing their immediate bond.”

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Willow America’s newest kitten in the White House


Willow America's newest kitten in the White House
Willow America’s newest kitten in the White House

Dr. Biden announced in April that the family has a female cat “waiting in the wings.”
Willow was settling in wonderfully at the White House, with “her favorite toys, food, and plenty of room to smell and explore,” according to Mr LaRosa.
According to Dr. Biden, the cat was named Willow after her hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.



In December, the Bidens added a new dog to their family: Commander, a four-month-old German Shepherd.
Unfortunately, after the terrible events at the White House, their other German Shephard, Major, was relocated to a peaceful setting. Before going to the White House, Major was a rescued dog who had been adopted.

Relationship between us president and its cat

You may believe that your cat has a distinct personality, but according to a new study, there are just five different sorts of cat-owner interactions.

Thousands of pet cats were studied by researchers from the University of Lincoln to see what their behavior said about their bond with their owners.


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