Study Work and Live in a Foreign Country

  Study Work and Live in a Foreign Country Studying, working, and living in a foreign country are all options for international students.
Study in another country and receive a work visa for up to four years after graduation. Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America are among the countries participating. Visas are approved 98% of the time. Both online and in-person counseling are available. While studying, you can work.


There has never been a better moment than now to fulfill your ambitions of studying abroad.

Since early 2020, Covid limitations have put a halt to all travel activities, wreaking havoc on a variety of industries. Students have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to stay up with online learning while also spending a significant amount of money without getting the most out of their international education. On the other hand, various lockdowns and restrictions resulted in a deficit in various sectors as more and more people were forced to work remotely, and those aspects that require face-to-face activities suffered greatly as a result of fewer hands and fewer hours of work for those who were available. These economic consequences compelled governments to seek alternative solutions, which led to the opening of international borders. However, the vast gap that had already been created meant that additional employees were needed in the labor market to make up for ground that had already been lost.


Study Work and Live in a Foreign Country

Many governments are thus making it more appealing by the day to make their country a more desirable study location in order to attract more physically and intellectually healthy people into their workforces. Among the measures are: •

Increased working hours for student visa holders

• Reintroduction or extension of the duration of post-study work visas for international students • Visa fee waiver for international students

• Various scholarships for international students provided by institutions and governments

• More international student support services for easier transition to their study destinations, and so on.
These deals aren’t going to last forever, unfortunately.


study and live abroad


Once the impacts of various lockdowns, particularly on the economy, have been neutralized, these attractions are likely to become obsolete and unavailable, resulting in less seamless processes and procedures for international students.
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