How to Register a Church in Nigeria Through cooperate affair commission

How to Register a Church in Nigeria Through cooperate affair commission The procedure for registering a church in Nigeria is as follows:



How to Register a Church in Nigeria Through cooperate affair commission




Despite the fact that a church is not a commercial concern, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) considers it one that must be registered. As a result, there is a well-defined procedure for registering a church in Nigeria. This post will shiw you through the process step by step each by each . The Companies and Allied Matters Act, Part C, governs the registration of churches.


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How to Register a Church in Nigeria .1st step

The first step, like with all entity registrations in Nigeria, is to conduct a name search to see whether it is available and, if it is, to reserve the name if it is. It’s always a good idea to have at least two names, one as a backup in case the primary name is taken.

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  How to Register a Church . 2nd Step

The next stage is to form a Board of Trustees. A Board of Trustees is responsible for governing and managing churches. In an incorporated firm, these are the equivalent of a shareholder/director. The Trustees of a church are in charge of the church’s management and direction, as well as the filing of any statutory returns.











How to Register a Church .  3rd step

The next step in the registration of a church in Nigeria is for the Trustees to publish a notification of their intention to register a church after the name of the church has been authorized and the board of trustees has been established. This notice must be published in two newspapers, one of which must be a widely circulated newspaper in the area where the organization will be based.










4th step How to Register a Church in Nigeria











The application form must then be completed and submitted. The application form is self-explanatory and requests information such as the church’s approved name, registration address, and a brief statement of the church’s goals and objectives. The form also asks for the Trustees’ personal information, such as their names, sexes, nationalities, permanent addresses, occupations, and so on.

An application letter, original newspaper publications, two copies of the church constitution, minutes of the meeting where the trustees were appointed, two passport photographs of each Trustee, and other documents must be submitted with the completed application form.















5th step How to Register a Church

The CAC then reviews all of the papers, and if there are no questions, the church is registered with the CAC and can begin operations.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Church Registration

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