First Autopsy on Late Sylvester Oromoni Was Poorly Done

     Dowen College: Pathologist Tells Coroner That First Autopsy on Late Sylvester Oromoni Was Poorly Done   Soyemi made the remarks on Tuesday while testifying on behalf of the Lagos State Government during an inquest held to ascertain the cause of the student’s death.

According to Sokunle Soyemi, a pathologist, an autopsy performed in Warri, Delta State, on the late Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, a 12-year-old Dowen College pupil, was improperly performed.
Soyemi testified for the Lagos State Government during an inquest on Tuesday to ascertain the cause of the student’s death, saying she learned about his death from his father, who was also there.


Dowen College: Pathologist Tells Coroner That First Autopsy on Late Sylvester Oromoni Was Poorly Done


Jide Martins, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Lagos State, introduced the pathologist as he testified in the case against him (DPP).
According to him, the late student’s body was transferred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital on December 13, 2021, and he performed an autopsy on him the next day alongside seven other pathologists, including one from the University of California.

First Autopsy on Late Sylvester Oromoni Was Poorly Done


According to him, the doctor who performed the initial autopsy was there throughout the process. I watched the first incision being done during the first autopsy. I noticed that the initial autopsy had not been performed appropriately. My report included a list of the elements that were not completed properly “During the first autopsy, the oesophagus was never opened (the food pipe). He also didn’t open the trachea (air pipe). All of these issues are crucial, and he should not have skipped over them. His assessment concluded that he had been affected by chemicals. Before a chemical may be ingested, it must first transit through the food chain. The food pathway is what this is called.


Chemical poisoning cannot be discussed if the dietary channel is not opened.” “”A potentially hazardous substance should be able to pass through the oesophagus.. Because it did not pass through the oesophagus, no evidence of chemical intoxication should have been present.”
In addition, according to an eyewitness, the pathologist who performed the first autopsy in Warri, Delta, did not check inside the deceased’s lungs and did not remove the heart from the lungs, as is standard protocol.








He should have done that before weighing the lungs, as the weight would have revealed that something was amiss with them.”
Here are a few examples of what he didn’t do, your honor:” “Your honor, this is the source of the disputes surrounding this case,” Soyemi said.
The pathologist’s testimony irritated Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), a counsel for the Oromoni family.
As a result of his testimony, Soyemi argued that the DPP failed to submit the initial autopsy report prior to the inquiry.







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“We ask the coroner” to stop the DPP’s attempt to have the witness interrogated by an expert on an issue that is not before the court. He says that he is not responsible for the autopsy report of another person.”
The DPP explained that the witness was commenting on the state of a body in his possession prior to doing a postmortem.
It is a statutory necessity under British law for him to explain all of the matters that will be discussed during this inquiry.
“He has an obligation to this court to explain the findings of the inquiry he did,” according to Martins.
However, the Coroner, Mikhail Kadiri, approved the doctor’s evidence regarding the initial autopsy.
He said that the witness was providing further information about the late Oromoni’s autopsy, namely the state of the deceased’s corpse at the time of the autopsy.
He indicated that the material would be helpful in the fact-finding process of the inquest.
Soyemi alleged that Sylvester Oromoni had lobal pneumonia (lung infection) and liver disease as a result of the ruling.







His kidneys were also diseased, and he had an infection in his right ankle, which encompassed soft tissue as well as the muscle that surrounds the ankle bone.
Asepticemia, lobal pneumonia, and pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney) developed from the same cause of death, pyelonephritis of the right ankle, were determined to be the causes of his death.
Soyemi put it succinctly “He had a widespread infection, to put it simply.
The Coroner then rescheduled the hearing for February 14 to allow for more investigation.

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