Romania welcomes 100 American soldiers

Romania welcomes 100 American soldiers  In the midst of rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, one hundred American soldiers have deployed in Romania to support NATO allies in Eastern Europe.
According to Romania’s defense minister, Vasile Dancu, who spoke to reporters Tuesday, the military will be in charge of logistical planning.
A Reuters report stated that the Americans had arrived. “The Americans have come,” Dancu stated. “Over 100 professional U.S. soldiers, as well as our logistical specialists, are already preparing, indicating that the remainder of the army will not be far behind them.

Romania welcomes 100 American soldiers




A Reuters report states that approximately 900 United States forces are now stationed in Romania.
Amid rising tensions in the Middle East, the Pentagon stated last week that it would deploy and rearrange more than 3,000 troops to boost partners and strengthen NATO’s capability.
A contingent of soldiers from Germany is being repositioned in Romania. In the near future, they will be part of an Infantry Stryker squadron that will be sent to the Middle East.



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The arrival of a “few hundred” U.S. forces in Poland was also reported on Monday by Pentagon press secretary, John Kirby. Additional United States troops are likely to arrive in the country during the next few days.













Mr. Kirby stated last week that the United States forces are being sent to Poland, Germany, and Romania under bilateral agreements and will remain under U.S. command.
Amidst rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has sent troops to Romania.. There are more than 100,000 Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border, raising fears among the United States and its allies that Russia is preparing a military incursion into the country’s territory.
But Moscow has categorically denied any intention of invading Ukraine.









US invasion bluster Russia vows it will not initiate a war

Despite the rising tensions, the United States and its allies are preparing for war. According to Reuters, France has said that it will send troops to Romania and that it will take the lead in a future NATO campaign. There have been reports that 1,000 troops from several countries might be deployed for such an operation.
NATO stated last month that partners were deploying extra ships and fighter jets to Eastern Europe and putting personnel on standby to support the region’s defense.

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