Fully funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany

Fully funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany In 2022, the DESY Summer Student Program in Germany will be completely funded.
Here’s the big news for all of the international students out there. It is now possible to apply for the DESY Summer Student Program in Germany in 2022 through the online application form. This program is not available at the present time. Applicants for this Summer Student Program must be presently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at the time of submission of their application. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Fully funded DESY Summer Student Program in Germany

This program is available to students enrolled in the Physics Undergraduate and Masters programs, as well as students enrolled in allied natural science programs. Students will gain hands-on experience with research activities at the Hamburg and Zeuthen facilities as part of this program. There are two major components to our Summer Student Program. There will be a series of lectures presented in the English language that will be connected to the research themes at DESY in addition to the group work assignments. These lectures are delivered both on-site and through the use of Zoom or another web-based program.





















In this Summer Student Program, you will get a fully funded scholarship award. This scholarship covers all of the expenses that students incur while studying. This program will run from July 19, 2022, through September 8, 2022, and will begin in the summer. This program is choosing 100 candidates from all across the world for the position of CEO. In order to participate in this program, no IELTS or TOFEL test is required. Applicants for this Summer Student Program can come from any academic background and have their applications accepted. More information on this program can be found in the sections below.









                    Details on the DESY Summer Student Program in Germany can be found here.
German, Hamburg, or Zeuthen (Berlin) as the host country. DESY as the host organization. Fully funded category. Deadline: March 8, 2022.
Financial Assistance The participants in this program will be provided with the following financial assistance.
• A monthly living allowance of 1200 Euros for a single person; • Round-trip airline tickets;
Fields and topics that are being offered
The following subjects will be addressed by the candidates as part of this curriculum.
• Soft Matter • Solid-State and Nanomaterials • Crystallography • Chemistry • Physics • Biology • Computing and Engineering • Material and Geological Sciences • Computing and Engineering
Criteria for Eligibility





Students must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the DESY program.
• This program is open to undergraduates as well as Masters’ students who are interested in applying.
• Applicants should not be German nationals in order to qualify.
• All international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
The application process is not open to applicants who hold Masters degrees.
• Applicants should not have previously attended DESY as a student.
• Applicants should be familiar with the use of a computer.
• Excellent command of the English language.
Documentation Requirement
To be considered for this Summer program, you must submit the documentation listed below.
• Curriculum vitae • Transcripts • Two letters of recommendation • Passport • Identification
How to Submit an Application
Students must submit an application for the DESY program through the DESY official website in order to be considered. To submit an application, please visit the OFFICIAL LINK. 

To apply

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