Buju has changed his stage name to BNXN which is now official

Buju has changed his stage name to BNXN, which is now official Benson (pronounced Benson) is a Nigerian hit artist who was born Daniel Benson and was previously known professionally as Buju. As part of his journey to self-discovery, Benson has officially changed his professional/stage name to “BNXN” (pronounced simply as Benson). This modification will become effective immediately on the 18th of February in the year 2022.


Buju has changed his stage name to BNXN which is now official

Throughout his life, the singer has used music as a means of self-expression or self-discovery. Over the last two years, he has impacted the world with his music as he has continued his journey, which has now brought him back to the beginning, where he meets and transcends into his original self, known as “BNXN.”

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In order to avoid further misunderstanding with the brand essence and trade name in the music industry, particularly with the iconic Buju Banton, he has chosen to go by his legal name “Benson,” which, as previously said, will be spelt as “BNXN” in order to avoid further confusion.

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According to a statement made by the company’s management, it is important for the general public to understand that Daniel Benson will now be addressed professionally as “BNXN” in any future formal and commercial contact. With the exception of a formal change in his professional/stage name, all other aspects of his life, including his family, business, and prior or present contracts and other commitments, have remained unchanged.

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