Part-Time Brand Ambassador position -Whole Foods Market


Part-Time Brand Ambassador position -Whole Foods Market  The Whole Foods Market is searching for gregarious, outgoing, and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors to work in their local Whole Foods Markets to raise brand awareness and increase sales by demonstrating live highlighted products. Through sales and customer involvement, the ideal candidate exemplifies Whole Foods’ commitment to natural and organic products. For those wishing to earn some additional money while also having a more flexible schedule, this is an excellent opportunity!

Part-Time Brand Ambassador position -Whole Foods Market

Detailed Summary of the Position

3000 184th Street Southwest, Lynnwood, WA 98037
$15 an hour – Part-time

Employee of Whole Foods Market working as a part-time brand ambassador

Brand Representative – Stockroom Specialist- 2022 vacancy
Aspects to think about are as follows.

Minimum of two shifts per week with an average of 8–30 hours per week are available from 10:00am to 2:00pm AND 3:00pm to 7:00pm throughout the week.
Pay that is competitive

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The Services We Provide: We provide the following services:

Certifications and courses for paid training and continued career development



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Nature f your job

Promote product demos and customer interaction to increase sales and brand exposure.
Actively engage with shoppers as you circulate throughout the event area to increase brand knowledge.
Excellent presenting skills, as well as the ability to describe product features and benefits in a compelling manner
Event reporting, documentation submission, and online training must all be completed on time and with accuracy.


Qualifications: High school diploma or GED, or one to two years of work experience that is equivalent
Self-starter with a lot of energy who can work alone and with little or no supervision is sought.
Have you ever worked in event marketing, demos, sales, brand promotion, or retail/grocery? (Preferred)
Working a part-time retail schedule is something that is possible. The weekdays and weekends
Access to a personal computer or smartphone with internet and email access on a daily basis.

A leading sales and marketing agency in North America, the Company specializes in outsourced sales, merchandising, category management and marketing services to manufacturers, suppliers, and producers of food items, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. The Company serves a wide range of trade channels, including grocery, mass market, specialty, convenience, drug, dollar, club, hardware, consumer electronics, and home centers, amongst other things. We serve as a link between manufacturers and merchants, allowing consumers to get their hands on the best items on the market at any time of day, wherever.

Summary of the position

Through event sample and marketing, the Brand Ambassador creates excitement, raises brand recognition, and improves product sales. Customers, clients, and other constituents will be interacted with by the employee, who is also responsible for comprehending and putting promotional strategies into action. This job will be responsible for a diverse range of operations, including brand promotion, training, product marketing, and the sale of goods and services.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:
Awareness of the brand and sales of the product

Engaging consumers through product sampling/distribution and exhibiting product features will help to raise brand awareness and good impressions of your product.
Creating brand awareness and positive impressions among consumers through product sampling and distribution is essential.
The person in charge of ensuring that key brand messages are communicated successfully to consumers.
Identify and capitalize on sales possibilities in various departments around the shop as well as other venues in order to maximize overall sales as well as sales of connected accessories

Setting up and dismantling an event are two separate tasks.

Event setup, sampling, and program teardown are all responsibilities of the event coordinators.
Maintain the cleanliness, organization, and proper set up of the display space in accordance with the specified guidelines.
Inform the event supervisor in a timely fashion.

Training, development, and reporting are all important aspects of the job.

Complete and submit HR documentation and reports online in a timely manner, including call reports, expenditure reports (where applicable), training certification quizzes, and so on. Be present for all necessary on-line training and conference calls (paid).
In addition to probable ongoing monthly training program, team meetings, client trainings, and other events (all of which will be compensated), the position may be required to participate in introductory training via on-line and conference call (exact date to be determined).

Responsibilities as a Supervisor

Direct Reporting This job does not have any supervisory responsibilities for direct reports in this organization.
The role does not have any responsibility for indirect reports, such as providing guidance or mentoring.

Exigences in terms of travel and/or driving
In this position, travel is not a required responsibility or function. In this employment, driving is a vital duty or function to do.

Qualifying Requirements

Educational Qualifications: (Required) High School Diploma or GED, or comparable work experience

Specialization/Experience in the Following Fields: Text can be entered here by clicking on the appropriate button.

The candidate should have extensive experience in event marketing and presentations, sales, or retail/grocery operations.

Knowledge, abilities, and skills

Working with management in a productive manner
Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
Interpersonal communication skills are essential, as is the ability to work autonomously and prioritize assignments with minimum supervision in order to fulfill deadlines.
Proficiency in delivering speeches orally

Physico-chemical and environmental conditions must be met
Requirements in the Field and in Administration

The incumbent must be able to carry out the core functions of the position successfully. Office, field, retail store, and warehouse environments are all possible places to accomplish this work. This position typically necessitates the ability to spend 66 percent or more of each workday performing the following activities: engaging in significant physical activity, lifting and/or pushing up to 50 pounds, standing on one’s feet for extended periods of time, using products or cooking food as appropriate for the demonstration, and working in extremely cold conditions (i.e. refrigerated and freezer sections). Traveling and driving are also essential. When handling the materials and/or cooking, it is critical to follow adequate safety procedures.

Additionally, job duties and job descriptions for the company can be found at the following link:

Additional tasks may be allocated by one’s supervisor or another management who is responsible for the role or department to which one is assigned to. As a general guideline, this job description describes the overall nature and amount of work being performed; it is not intended to be taken as a full list of all responsibilities, functions, and abilities required for the position. Regardless of whether or not notice is given, the Company reserves the right to modify or amend job obligations, reassign or transfer employment positions, and/or assign additional job responsibilities at any time and without notice, subject to relevant legislation. It is the Company’s policy to provide reasonable accommodations for recognized impairments in order to allow a qualified candidate or employee to apply for a position, perform essential tasks of the position, or enjoy benefits and privileges of employment as allowed by law.

Associates should keep in mind that any estimate, schedule, or guideline offered to them in this job description or anywhere else in connection with their tasks is simply meant to assist them in describing their job obligations and in planning for their future. Associate’s must constantly keep track of all time spent working for our company, regardless of whether or not an estimate, schedule, or guideline is in place (which includes but is not limited to on-site work time in an assigned store, office, or other work location; required waiting time; administrative time; and work-related travel time).
It is necessary to note the following:

It is the intent of the preceding statements to define the overall nature and amount of work performed by those allocated to this position in general terms. In no way are they intended to represent a comprehensive list of all of the obligations, duties, and abilities expected by associates in this classification.

Regardless of age, race, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation (including transgender), religion, physical or mental impairment or any other protected category, the Company is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunity in all employment processes. According to this promise, the Company will make reasonable adjustments for recognized impairments in order to enable an applicant or employee to seek for work, fulfill the essential functions of the job, or enjoy the advantages and privileges of employment to the extent permitted by law.

Part-Time Brand Ambassador position -Whole Foods Market

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