NATO has urged Russia to “take a step back

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     NATO has urged Russia to “take a step back NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has urged Russia to “take a step back from the precipice.”
Russian President Vladimir Putin was encouraged to prevent a disastrous confrontation in Ukraine by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Saturday.
In his speech at the Munich Security Conference, he stated that “it is not too late for Russia to alter direction, to step back from the verge of war, to stop preparing for war, and to begin working for a peaceful conclusion.”



As a result of Russia’s massing of soldiers along the Ukrainian border, Stoltenberg stated that the “danger of conflict is serious.” Russia has categorically denied that it has any preparations to launch an attack on its southern neighbor.
Stoltenberg stated in his speech that the Western world would “always do what is necessary to protect and defend each other” if necessary.
Moscow, according to Stoltenberg, is aiming to “roll back history” and “recreate its zones of influence.”


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“In other words, if the Kremlin wants less NATO on its borders, it will only get more NATO,” stated NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the event of a war in Ukraine.
As part of his criticism of China’s support for Moscow in its disagreement with NATO, he pointed out that the US-dominated alliance is still apprehensive of geopolitical relations between Beijing and Moscow.

The Kremlin’s objective, according to the EU’s top diplomat, is to “instill dread.”
Also addressing at the conference was Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who stated that the EU was prepared to respond economically if Russia decided to attack Ukraine.



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According to von der Leyen, “we are confronted with a brazen attempt to override the rules of the international order.” The Kremlin’s measures, in effect, imply the imposition of terror under the guise of’security requirements.’
“We have the ability to impose large costs and severe consequences on the economic interests of Moscow. The Kremlin’s bizarre mentality, which stems directly from the country’s tragic past, may jeopardize the country’s future prosperity “declared the EU’s highest-ranking official
The head of the European Commission also stressed the importance of diversifying the bloc’s energy sources in his speech.










The German Chancellor warned in Munich that “a strong European Union cannot be so dependant on an energy provider that threatens to launch a war on our continent.”
Von der Leyen believes that the EU will be able to get through the winter even if Russia cuts off gas supplies to the continent.

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She also stated that the world has looked on with “disbelief” while Russia has ramped up its military capabilities.
“We will continue to hope that peace will prevail and that diplomacy will guide us in the right direction,” she said.
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