Financial / IT System Audit Manager at Food Concepts Plc

    Financial / IT System Audit Manager at Food Concepts Plc , Incorporated on December 6, 1999, as Food Concepts & Entertainment Limited, the company began operations in 2000 and is now known as Food Concepts Plc. By a Special Resolution dated 10 May 2009, the Company was transformed from a Private Limited Liability Company to a Public Limited Liability Company, and the name of the Company was thereafter changed to Food Concepts Plc. The company obtained franchises from established South African Quick Service Restaurant operators to manage and run their brands in Nigeria shortly after its inception. Later on, the company purchased and created additional brands, including Chicken Republic, PieXpress, Butterfield, and Yum Yum, to name a few.


A corporate restructuring and divestment process has resulted in the Company currently owning and operating the Chicken Republic and PieXpress brands, which are its unique food brands. Chicken Republic is currently operating in 80 sites across Nigeria and Ghana. The company expects to have >100 Chicken Republic restaurants operational by the end of 2020 and wants to have >300 outlets operational by the end of 2023, according to the company. PieXpress commenced operations in 2019 and now has four kiosks in operation. Another 6 units will open by the end of the year, with ambitions to have 150 Pie Express units in operation by the end of 2023, according to the company.
The Food Concepts Group also owns a 35.61 percent share in Food Concepts Pioneer Limited, which continues to own the Butterfield and Yum Yum brands while also operating plant bakeries that produce products for the mass market such as bread, pies, sausage rolls, and chin-chin.
We are now seeking candidates for the positions listed below:
The job title is Financial / Information Technology System Audit Manager, and the job ID is 782. Ilupeju is a neighborhood in Lagos.
6th grade reading level
Department Name: Shared Services Department Description
Director of Internal Audit, Senior Manager of Internal Audit Reports to (Title): Head, Internal Audit, Audit Officers Reporting to (Title): Audit Associates, Audit Officers
• To plan, organize, implement, and coordinate internal audit functions, including financial and systems audits, across the company’s operations.
Core Responsibilities and Critical Outcomes Areas













  Identifying and analyzing information technology controls, evaluating their design and operational performance, determining risk exposure, and developing remediation solutions
The information control assessments encompass system development standards, operating procedures, system security, programming controls, communication controls, backup and disaster recovery methods, as well as system maintenance and upkeep protocols.
• Conducts general and application control reviews for computer information systems ranging from simple to complicated in complexity.
• Conduct vulnerability testing and identification of network and system vulnerabilities, and make recommendations for counteractive tactics to safeguard the network.
• Carry out some audit tests for technology-focused audit projects on your own audits or under the supervision of another lead auditor when technical skills will help you get the best possible audit results.
• Contributes to the development of computerized audit techniques, as well as methodologies for the examination and analysis of computerized information systems, by assisting other audit staff members.
• Preserves current knowledge in relation to applicable cutting edge technology, equipment, and/or systems by participating in continuing education opportunities.
monetary: • Proactively monitor internal controls and give independent assurance on the effectiveness and efficiency of operational systems, making recommendations for modifications as needed and when required. Accountability process reviews, process streamlining projects, and system automation projects are examples of the kind of projects that will be covered by such reviews.
• A report on the company’s conformity with the International Financial Reporting Standards (International Financial Reporting Standards).
Check and monitor compliance with Company policies, processes and systems in the stores and in the departmental offices.
• Plan, organize, and carry out an audit of the company’s financial accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (International Financial Reporting Standards).
• Conduct an audit of the financial operations of the organization across all departments and divisions.
• Creates audit results memoranda and working papers in order to guarantee that sufficient documentation exists to support the finished audit and its findings.
To distribute technical information to management, the technician writes and presents written and oral reports and other technical information in a pertinent, succinct, and correct manner.
• Follow up on the implementation of internal audit recommendations to ensure that all important concerns that have been discovered have been satisfactorily resolved
• Identify business improvement opportunities in the context of information technology and provide assistance to management in this endeavor.
• Ensure that the financial and other information provided to management for decision-making is accurate, timely, and relevant by conducting a review and reporting on it.
• Act proactively in identifying patterns and concerns arising from audit findings and formulating recommendations for improving internal controls and addressing identified weaknesses/gaps throughout the company’s global operations and markets.
• Be a part of the change management process from start to finish.
• Make recommendations and provide assistance on security and control risks that have been identified.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of metrics that measure how well a company is performing.
• Compliance with external compliance regulatory authorities on a percentage basis
• Assurance of the accuracy and quality of revenue
• The quality of the possibilities for business improvement that are provided
• The accuracy, timeliness, and relevance of financial information; the number of identified system/controls and accepted suggestions; and the number of identified system/controls and accepted recommendations
• The rate at which external compliance regulatory authorities are complied with.
• Periodic examination of the financial statements and management accounts of the company.





Expectations for the decision:
• Acts in accordance with established procedures and judgments
• Enforces decisions that have been reached by consensus.
• Plans own work schedule as well as the work schedules of subordinates • Identifies and recommends chances for business improvement
• Keeps track of the progress made in implementing internal audit recommendations.
• Ensures that the company’s quality management system is up to date.
Specifications for the Position
Requirements in terms of education:
• A solid first-year degree in accounting or a related field is required.
Having a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or a similar degree is a distinct advantage in the recruitment process.
Professional Requirements: • Professional Membership in the Information Systems Auditor (CISA) organization, as well as Certification / Licensure Certificate • Information Systems Auditor (CISA) are required.
• 5 – 6 years of relevant experience in a similar job, preferably in an auditing firm, is required. •






Uniport Admission Direct entry is out for 2022session
Requirements for knowledge: • The ability to conduct control reviews on systems development, operation, programming, control, and security procedures and standards, as well as on security procedures and standards.
• The ability to evaluate backup, disaster recovery, and maintenance methods for a computer system.
• Understanding of the software requirements for auditing computing systems and procedures.
• Expertise in the development and programming of computer-based systems
• The ability to examine and review a diverse range of mainframe, personal computer, and distributed production and application computer systems;
• An understanding of auditing methodologies and procedures.





































3 Openings for Diploma Engineering Trainees at Sterling Oil Exploration

• Knowledge of the practices used in the QSR/Food Industry.
• Current knowledge of technological breakthroughs and trends in one’s field of specialization.
• Familiarity with the fundamentals of accounting, as well as auditing concepts and principles
• Familiarity with the laws, regulations, and standards that regulate all aspects of the use of computer systems.
Contacts and the Reasons for Contact
Internal Contacts (the most often encountered individuals):
• Senior Executives and Management
• Employees’ external contacts (those who communicate with them the most frequently):
• Service providers/vendors • Regulators are all types of organizations.
To achieve the following goals, contact should be made: to exchange or provide information; to obtain, clarify, or talk about information; to present or discuss information and problems; to collaborate with others and present ideas; to deal with or influence subordinates; to promote, justify, or settle highly sensitive matters.
Situations on the Job
• While the job holder normally works 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, it is possible that he or she will work weekends or evenings. This position is primarily office-based, yet the worker may be required to travel to meetings that are hosted off-site due to the fact that the company has more than one location. Due to the fact that it entails risk management, the position necessitates accuracy and meticulousness.
The deadline for applications is March 7th, 2022.
How to Submit an Application
Candidates that are interested and qualified should:
To submit an online application, please visit this link.

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