Russia Invasion -Zelenskiy to declare martial law

Russia Invasion -Zelenskiy to declare martial law

Russia Invasion -Zelenskiy to declare martial law  After the Russian invasion, Ukraine is waging a campaign to prevent the establishment of a “new iron curtain.”
Russia claims to have ‘neutralized’ Ukraine’s air defenses, prompting the president to call on Ukrainians to protect their country.



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• Latest news on the Russian-Ukrainian invasion: stay up to date with live updates
After Russian forces launched a massive and long-feared invasion that has generated worries of the largest conflict Europe has seen since 1945, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, declared his countrymen are battling to prevent “a new iron curtain” from descending across the country.
On Thursday morning, explosions were reported in the vicinity of key Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kyiv, just minutes after Russian President Vladimir Putin put an end to weeks of agonizing anticipation by announcing a “special military operation” in the country.
In a statement, Ukraine’s interior ministry stated that the country was being attacked by cruise and ballistic missiles, with Russia claiming to be targeting infrastructure in and around important towns such as Kyiv and Kharkiv as well as Mariupol and Dnipro.

Russia Invasion -Zelenskiy to declare martial law




Zelenskiy replied to the invasion by declaring martial law and announcing that the Ukrainian government would distribute guns to any Ukrainian who wanted to defend their country against the invasion.
Zelenskiy warned of a dark return to the past at a time when Ukrainian diplomats begged the international community to put an end to Russian aggression. As he put it, “what we’ve heard today isn’t just missile booms, combat, and the rumble of aircraft,” but “a lot more.”
It sounds like a new iron curtain has fallen, cutting Russia off from the rest of the civilized world.” “It is our national responsibility to ensure that this veil does not fall on our country.”
On Thursday afternoon, Russia’s defense ministry declared that it had “neutralized” Ukraine’s airbases and air defenses, claiming to have destroyed 74 military ground infrastructure, including 11 airfields, three command posts, and 18 anti-aircraft missile radar stations.
• Ukrainian authorities reported that Russia had launched 203 assaults and that fighting had erupted throughout nearly the entire country.







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According to military sources in Ukraine, 20 Russian helicopters and Mi-8 fighter planes have landed paratroopers at Hostomel airport in the Kyiv region, where forces from both sides are battling for control of the airfield. The Ukrainian military said that its forces had killed 50 Russian soldiers, destroyed four Russian tanks, and shot down six Russian planes and four helicopters during the conflict. In addition, Zelenskiy stated that Ukrainian soldiers were engaged in a battle to prevent Russian troops from taking Chernobyl. Later reports stated that the former nuclear power station was now in the possession of the Russians.
Ukrainian civilians were said to have died in the first few hours of the invasion, according to preliminary reports. Officials say 18 people were killed in a missile attack in the southern Odesa region, six people were killed in the town of Brovary, near Kyiv, and four people were killed and ten others were injured when a “occupier’s shell” hit a hospital in the Donetsk region’s city of Vuhledar, killing four and injuring ten others.

In the midst of air raid sirens blaring over the capital and people of Kharkiv taking refuge in the city’s metro system — sights that have not been seen in those cities since 1941 – Ukraine’s foreign minister also called on the rest of the world to pay attention.
“Putin has now launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” claimed Dmytro Kuleba, a member of the opposition. “Strikes have broken out in peaceful Ukrainian cities. This is a war of aggression on the part of the United States. Ukraine will protect itself and will come out victorious. Putin must be stopped, and the world must do everything it can to do so. “Now is the moment to take action.”
Former Ukrainian defense minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk told the Guardian that a number of ground invasions were taking place on a number of fronts.
According to Zagorodnyuk, “there are thrusts taking place.” In the meantime, they’ve gotten fairly near to the city of Kherson.” The situation is really precarious in that area. They are also attempting to encircle the city of Kharkiv. At the time, it appears that Kharkiv is the most important objective. They are likewise attempting to reach Kyiv with a single battle group.”
In an attempt to explain the strike, Putin stated in a television address that “a hostile anti-Russian environment is being established on our historic territories.”
“We have made the decision to execute an unique military operation,” he declared, effectively declaring war on the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Demilitarisation and denazification” of Ukraine, he asserted, reiterating a subject of Kremlin propaganda, namely, that the Kyiv administration is controlled by far-right forces.
“We have no intention of occupying Ukraine,” he stated emphatically, and he issued a terrifying warning to neighboring countries. It is my warning to anyone considering intervening from the outside that if they do so, they will face consequences far larger than any they have ever faced before. All pertinent choices have already been made.” “I’m hoping you can hear me,” he stated.




As Putin’s statements were being broadcast and reports of the first detonations were coming in, the United Nations Security Council was having an emergency session, which was presided over by Russia, which now holds the rotating presidency of the organization. Initiated by the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, who issued a direct appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Please refrain from sending your troops into Ukraine.” Give the prospect of peace a chance. “There have already been far too many deaths.”

Putin’s announcement of a special military operation has rattled the markets, as it transpired.

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“The prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they endure an unprovoked and unjustifiable attack by Russian military forces,” said US Vice President Joe Biden in a written statement.

According to Vice President Biden, “President Putin has chosen a deliberate war that will result in a terrible loss of life and human misery.” Russian President Vladimir Putin is solely accountable for the death and destruction that this strike will cause, and the United States, its friends, and partners will respond in a united and decisive manner.” Russia will be held accountable by the rest of the world.”
Other world leaders have also expressed their opposition to the invasion. “I am shocked by the awful events in Ukraine, and I have called with President Zelenskiy to discuss the next measures,” said Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom. By initiating an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, President Putin has chosen a path that will result in bloodshed and devastation. The United Kingdom and our allies will respond forcefully.
“We will hold the Kremlin accountable,” wrote Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU Commission, which had only hours before the attack imposed further sanctions against Moscow. “We will hold the Kremlin accountable,” she added.
Following a formal request from the leaders of the two Russian-controlled territories in eastern Ukraine for military assistance to “help repel the aggression of the Ukrainian armed forces so that civilian casualties and a humanitarian catastrophe in Donbas are avoided,” the stage was set for the offensive late on Wednesday night.
Advertisement After failing in his attempt to speak with Putin, Zelenskiy turned to the Russian public for assistance through a video message. “Do the Russians seek wars?” says the author. This is a question to which I would dearly like to respond. “However, the decision is ultimately yours,” he said.
His promise to defend the country was also expressed in this way: “If someone attempts to take away our land, our freedom, our lives, or the lives of our children, we will defend ourselves.” By attacking, you will be able to see our faces, not our backs, but our faces,” says the author.
Putin is anticipated to send his forces to capture or surround Kyiv, according to military specialists. According to reports in Russian official media, airborne soldiers have taken control of Boryspil International Airport, which is close to the city.
The Russian military stated that the barrage of missiles that began the invasion rendered all of Ukraine’s aircraft bases inoperable. The Ukrainian military denied this assertion.




Near major airfields outside Kharkiv and other eastern towns, plumes of smoke could be seen rising. Russia, on the other hand, appears to have targeted airfields in Kherson and as far west as Ivano-Frankivsk, which is closer to the Polish border than other Ukrainian cities.
It said that Ukraine’s border forces were “not putting up any resistance to Russian units” and that its forces had crossed into the country from Russia.

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On the day after Putin launched the operation, some of the first explosions could be heard in Kramatorsk, which serves as the Ukrainian army’s headquarters for operations near Russian-controlled territory in the country’s south-east. When Russia launched its early morning strikes on Thursday morning, it appeared to be aiming for military installations. In addition to military offices and military stores, explosions have been recorded elsewhere.
Because of the severe escalation of the crisis, this is the second time that Russia has conducted a large military incursion into Ukrainian territory since Ukraine earned independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered undercover Russian soldiers to take the Crimean peninsula, which was later annexed by Moscow.
It is believed that the strike on Thursday was preceded by a major, continuous cyber-attack on Ukraine’s ministries and banks, which was a sort of hybrid warfare intended to sow uncertainty. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been building up an estimated 190,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders while European politicians go back and forth between Kyiv and Moscow in search of a diplomatic solution to the crisis.
It was claimed by the Russian military that it was not targeting civilian centers. According to the Russian defense ministry, “high-precision weapons are causing severe damage to the Ukrainian army’s military infrastructure, air defense systems, military airfields, and aviation.” The statement was broadcast by RIA Novosti, a state-run news agency, which reported on it.
The ability of Russia to withstand the bombardment was called into question by military specialists, who predicted that a land invasion would be imminent.
Russian air, naval, and ground fires are extremely powerful, but the country does not have significant stocks of precision-guided munitions, which is why a ground offensive appears to have commenced shortly after the initial strikes.” In his article, Rob Lee, a senior scholar in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Eurasia Program, writes that Russia “has every motive to proceed as quickly as possible.”
As soon as Putin announced the military action, the Russian rouble plummeted to a level that had not been seen since 2016. Trading on the Russian stock market has been suspended.
The United States is expected to announce new sanctions against Russia, employing instruments to punish Russian banks and the country’s larger financial system that have been held in reserve by the United States thus far.
“I will meet with my G7 counterparts in the morning and then address the American people to announce the additional consequences that the United States and our allies and partners will impose on Russia as a result of this needless act of aggression against Ukraine and global peace and security,” Biden stated.


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