War between Russia and Ukraine has divided Latin America

War between Russia and Ukraine has divided Latin America While most in the region oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a small number of people believe Moscow has the “right to protect itself” against perceived NATO aggression in the region.
Latin American countries are divided on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, with the vast majority denouncing military action but a small number defending Moscow’s “right to protect itself” against imagined NATO encroachment on its territory.


On Thursday, the United States called on the region to denounce Russia’s operation in Syria and eastern Ukraine. Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustifiable attack on Syria and its rapid removal from the combat zone are among the demands of US diplomatic chief for the Americas Brian Nichols, who said that some countries had already expressed their displeasure with Russia.

Mexico and Brazil, the two non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council from Latin America, are keeping a careful eye on the situation. Both countries, as well as Argentina, Colombia, and Chile, expressed their opposition to Thursday’s invasion of Ukraine.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico has stated that his country will endeavor to “foster conversation” with the United States.



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Mexico is “categorically opposed to the use of force and to undermining the integrity of an independent country such as Ukraine,” said Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in a statement.
“”Mexico rejects the use of force and strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and it calls for an immediate end of hostilities,” Ebrard said.

War between Russia and Ukraine has divided Latin America

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry likewise called for a “rapid suspension of hostilities,” however President Jair Bolsonaro did not directly criticize Russia in his statement.
In a message posted on social media, Brazil’s president stated that his country is “interested in developing its cordial and business ties with other countries,” listing Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary as examples of countries who are interested.
Following the meeting, Vice-President Hamilton Mouro told reporters that “Brazil is not attempting to portray itself as impartial. Brazil has made it quite clear that it recognizes and respects the sovereignty of Ukraine. Consequently, an invasion of Ukrainian land is not acceptable to Brazil.”
Argentina, speaking from Buenos Aires, called for a stop to “military operations in Ukraine.” As part of its statement, the Casa Rosada stated that it opposed “the use of armed force” and urged on “the Russian Federation” to halt its actions and de-escalate the crisis.


“Russia’s premeditated and unjustifiable attack against the Ukrainian people,” Colombia’s President Iván Duque said on Twitter, claiming that the strike jeopardized “global peace.” Duque added that the attack was a “premeditated and unjustified attack against the Ukrainian people.”
There are 68 Colombians who live in Ukraine, as well as 28 foreigners who are members of their families in the country. According to Duque, the Ukrainian government has launched diplomatic attempts to “assist” their “departure from Ukrainian territory” as soon as feasible.
Former Chilean President Sebastián Piera criticised “the armed aggression of Russia and its infringement of the sovereignty and national integrity of Ukraine,” and he called on Moscow to “respect the Geneva Conventions on international humanitarian law.” Piera is leaving office after eight years in office. In a similar vein, president elect Gabriel Boric expressed his displeasure with the conflict.

Ecuador, Paraguay, Honduras, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Peru have all spoken out against the deployment of military force and in favor of a diplomatic solution to the crisis.
In a statement on Thursday, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso stated that the country “believes in multilateralism and is willing to accept and support the decisions adopted by the United Nations Security Council.”





In recent days, Russian allies Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba – all of which are subject to United States sanctions – have defended Moscow’s position, with some adding additional comments in the wake of Thursday’s invasion of their countries.
In a tweet on Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated his “rejection of the perverted intentions that attempt to surround Russia militarily and strategically” as well as his “support for President Putin and his people.”
When asked about the invasion, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that his country “rejects the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine as a result of NATO’s violation of the Minsk agreements.”
The United States government urged for “a return to the road of diplomatic understanding through constructive conversation between the parties involved in the crisis to avoid escalation,” according to an official statement.”
Following the Kremlin’s official narrative, Russia’s Communications Minister Freddy áez posted on Twitter that the operation’s “goal is to safeguard individuals who have been abused and genocided by the neo-Nazi regime for eight years.”
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega accused the United States and Europe of “using Ukraine to antagonize Russia,” which he claimed was only “demanding security” in response to the Ukraine crisis.


In response to the escalation of events, the leader voiced his “solidarity” and support for the “people of Russia” and “President Putin” in their “fight” for “peace.”
On Wednesday, Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel, while meeting a Russian official in Havana, triggered Russia’s “right to defend itself” and expressed solidarity with Moscow in the face of “sanctions and the expansion of NATO towards its border lines.”
In a later statement, he stated his “solidarity with Russia in the face of the imposition of sanctions and the expansion of NATO near its borders.”

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