code to check NPower ID and Selection & Biometrics

       code to check NPower ID and Selection & Biometrics   Checking the NPower Nasims ID and Selection Status for Biometrics with a code Access the code to check your NPower Nasims ID and biometric selection status using the




















code to check NPower ID and Selection & Biometrics


















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Did you know that, in addition to the Nasims portal login, there is a Code 45665 that may be used to check the status of your Npower Nasims ID for biometric enrollment and selection? Well, if you didn’t already know, now you do.
You can verify your Npower ID and your selection status by dialing the NSIP service code *45665# and following the steps outlined in the following section.






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The steps required to check the Npower ID and selection status using the NSIP service code are as follows:
For those of you who are unable to recall your NASIMS ID, please recharge your phone and follow the steps outlined below:
1. Dial *45665# and then pick Npower from the list of alternatives that appears.

2. They will request that you input your BVN or phone number! 3. Fill in the blanks with the available

3. Next, select Check Npower ID from the drop-down menu. 4. You will be informed that there will be a #30 fee.

5. Accept the terms and conditions as well as the charges and wait for the text.

You can go through the process again to double-check your selection status, and then take your ID to the nearest computer cafe to complete your biometric registration.

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Code to check NPower Selection for Biometrics

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