Netflix’s service in Russia has been suspended

Netflix's service in Russia has been suspended

Netflix’s service in Russia has been suspended. Netflix has announced that it is suspending all Russian-language services in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Variety.

“We have chosen to discontinue our service in Russia due to the circumstances on the ground,” a spokeswoman told the outlet.  full list of international sanctions imposed on Russia

Netflix’s service in Russia has been suspended


According to Bloomberg, Netflix has over 1 million members in Russia, and no new consumers will be able to sign up, however it’s unclear what affect this move would have on existing accounts. Netflix has already indicated that future projects and acquisitions from Russia will be put on hold for the time being, according to Variety, noting that the streaming service had four Russian original projects in the works.



Ikea, Apple, Microsoft, TikTok, Mastercard and Visa, Boeing, Nike, and Volkswagen are among the corporations that have discontinued or reduced operations or sales in Russia.

The United States’ efforts to isolate Russia have stepped up this weekend, with rumors of a possible embargo on Russian oil and natural gas imports and senior US officials flying to Venezuela for rare talks with President Nicolás Maduro’s regime.














Secretary of State Antony Blinken said earlier today that the US and its partners were in the midst of a “very active debate” about banning Russian oil and natural gas imports, which would be a considerable step up from the current restrictions. CNN quoted Blinken as saying:

“We are now in discussions with our European friends and allies on the possibility of blocking Russian oil imports while ensuring that there is an adequate supply of oil on the global market.” This is a pretty active discussion right now.”












Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has also endorsed a ban on Russian oil imports, claiming during a press conference earlier this week that Russia’s exports are subsidizing Putin’s war activities.

As the Guardian’s Latin America writer, Tom Phillips, reported, White House and State Department negotiators met with Maduro representatives in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, for the first time in years. Netflix’s service in Russia has been suspended as we ask what is happening in ukraine 2022













The New York Times said that the Biden administration was motivated in part by concerns that Russia’s Latin American allies, which include authoritarian governments in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, may become “security threats” if the geopolitical conflict with Putin progressed.

Others predicted that if the US imposed sanctions on Russia as a result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Venezuelan oil could be used to replace Russian supplies.

Despite US sanctions imposed during the 2019 attempt to overthrow Maduro, Venezuela boasts the world’s greatest oil reserves, and its output is currently expanding.


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In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Denmark’s prime minister announced today that the country aims to become independent of Russian natural gas. russia invasion

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