News from  Npower and Nexit Business Loan Training

News from  Npower  and Nexit Business Loan Training  The latest news from the Federal Government, the Central Bank of Nigeria, Npower, and Nexit Business Loan Training – today, March 8, 2022 – In a statement, the Npower Nexit Program’s management stated that the Federal Government will officially launch the proposed CBN Nexit Business Loan Training Program next week, as scheduled. For those who don’t remember, the Npower discussion group released an update earlier this year, announcing that Nexit training will begin on March 14, 2022, which you can read more about here. The Npower Nexit training program will begin on the 14th of March in 2022.


News from Npower and Nexit Business Loan Training






Nneka Ikem, the South African media advisor to Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Sadiya Umar Farouq, revealed on her Twitter account that just 370,000 former Npower recipients expressed interest when the CBN’s online platform was launched.

In her statement, she said 230,000 people successfully entered the USSD code, confirming their addresses and readiness for the #NEXIT training program for departed Npower Batches A and B, which the Central Bank of Nigeria proposed to begin next week.









Npower selects 75k Nexit applicants for training next week

Given the foregoing, the Npower team also warned beneficiaries that the Nexit training email invitation that has been sent out is actually from them and should be taken seriously, according to the team. You are obliged to report to the training venue on the date specified on your invitation as soon as possible after receiving it.








Please keep in mind that the training is done in batches! You should make every effort to locate and attend the training location in your area if you have successfully confirmed your training availability but cannot access your email account to check for your invitation.

Nasims published a list of NPower non-graduate positions

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