10 best performing cities in Ontario Canada for jobs

10 best performing cities in Ontario Canada for jobs  Abstract: The province of Ontario and the city of Guelph in Canada are at the top of the list of the best performing places in the world when it comes to employment possibilities.

Highlights: Since the fourth quarter of 2021, employment in Canada has increased by 240,000 people.







10 best performing cities in Ontario Canada for jobs

The unemployment rate in Canada is as low as 5.9 percent, according to official figures.
Compared to the pre-COVID numbers, the employment rate in Ontario has increased by 2.1 percentage points.

Canada has done an admirable job in regaining its footing following the pandemic’s devastating impact. It has established new laws to make life easier for immigrants and made some tweaks to existing policies in order to lure more foreign national professionals to the country.


Jobs in Canada are boosting economic immigration. It relies on new immigrant talent to recover from the effects of the pandemic on businesses.


Best performing Cities in Ontario, Canada for Jobs

Canadian employment grew to 240,000 by the end of the last quarter of 2021. This figure is 1 percent more than the figures before the pandemic. It is 4.8 percent more than the figures from the previous year.

The top 10 cities for jobs in Ontario are

  1. Guelph
  2. Windsor
  3. Edmonton
  4. Saskatoon
  5. Barrie
  6. Ottawa
  7. Kitchener
  8. Moncton
  9. London
  10. Victoria

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Job Hiring in Canada

At the beginning of December last year, there were 896,100 vacancies in the labor market of Canada. It makes hiring in Canada more proactive. Employers hire foreign national workers through the IMP or International Mobility Program and the TFWP or Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The only factor affecting job opportunities is its inclusion in the LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment.

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Canada’s top jobs for LMIA-exempt work permit holders in 2021

Jobs Exempted from LMIA

The jobs which have been exempted from LMIA are those that fall under

  • International Trade Accord
  • Provincial/Territorial and federal government accord
  • Jobs that are considered beneficial to Canada

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