Visa -SINP draw invites 85 immigration candidates

Visa -SINP draw invites 85 immigration candidates  The SINP draw on March 18, 2022, resulted in the issuance of 85 ITAs for permanent residence.

On March 8, 2022, the province of Saskatchewan in Canada held a draw. It issued 85 invitations to apply for permanent residence in Canada, or ITAs. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) welcomed 85 talented workers to apply for a provincial nomination.

This draw’s focus was on the following categories:

In-Demand Express Entry Occupations
Occupations-in-Demand and Express Entry










Visa -SINP draw invites 85 immigration candidates





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Statistics of the draw

The statistics of the draw are given in the table.

Category Total Candidates Minimum Score
Express Entry 39 87
Occupations-in-Demand 43 87
Express Entry & Occupations-in-Demand 3 61

The nomination for is held through the SPNP or Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program .It is also known as the SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

The nomination is held through the SPNP or Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. It is also known as the SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

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Streams for Skilled workers

These specific streams were covered in the categories mentioned above

  • ISW or International Skilled Worker
  • Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience
  • Entrepreneur
  • Farm Owner and Operator

















The SINP issues invitation to apply in the draws held frequently. Applicants of the Occupations In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry streams are issued ITAs for permanent residency in Canada. The candidates are categorized under the ISW category.

The SINP’s ISW category is for foreign national skilled workers living overseas who want to migrate and work in Saskatchewan as permanent residents.
















The international skilled workers are further divided into three sub-categories. The requirements of the sub-category should be met by the individual for their eligibility to be included in the pool for the draw. Visa -SINP draw invites 85 immigration candidates



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Streams of ISW

  • ISW: Employment Offer
  • ISW: Occupations In-Demand
  • ISW: Saskatchewan

A PNP nomination adds 600 CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System points for an Express Entry candidate set by the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizen Canada.

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Immediately enter the Canada Express Entry Pool:














Looking to swiftly transfer to Canada and begin the process of obtaining permanent residency? The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is a simple way to become a permanent resident of Canada. Individuals for Canadian Permanent Residency can be nominated by Canadian provinces and territories under the Provincial Nominee Program. While the PNP program is independent from Express Entry, it does provide applicants who possess a certain PNP with an extra 600 CRS points when they apply to the Express Entry pool. Applicants with CRS scores under 400 have also received Letters of Interest from a number of PNP programs. With our focused visa and immigration support, Y-Axis can assist you in taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to migrate to Canada.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program was established to attract highly trained international talent to regions in Canada that are experiencing a skills deficit. Through the PNP program, thousands of successful applicants have relocated and established permanently in Canada. The following are some of the finest Canadian provinces to apply to for this program:













Prince Edward Island is a small island off the coast of Canada
Nova Scotia is a province in Canada.

If you have experience in technology, finance, education, marketing, or healthcare, now is a great time to look into the PNP program.  immigration candidates

If you desire to live in a province, contribute to its economy, and become a permanent resident of Canada, you can apply through the PNP option.

The Provincial Nominee Program has a variety of options (PNP)

When submitting an application for the PNP program, you have two choices:

Through Experss Entry, a paper-based technique is used.

Process based on paper:

The first step is to apply for nomination under the non-Express Entry stream with your province or territory. If your occupation is on the list, you will receive a nomination from the province if you match the eligibility conditions and qualify through the specific In-demand Occupation Lists of various provinces. After that, you can apply for a permanent resident visa in Canada.

For your PR visa, you must now submit a paper application. The processing time is usually lengthier than it is with Express Entry.

System of Rapid Entry:

There are two options for submitting an application:

You can apply for a nomination through the Express Entry stream by contacting the province or territory and requesting a nomination.

You can create an Express Entry profile or amend an existing one if you receive a favourable response from the province or territory to nominate you.

Another alternative is to build an Express Entry profile and specify which provinces or territories you want to visit. If you receive a “notification of interest” from the province, you can contact them and then apply through the Express Entry system.

For your application to be successful, you must meet the eligibility conditions.

The following are the steps involved in submitting a PNP application for a PR visa:

Fill out an application in the province or region where you want to live.
If your profile fits the requirements, the province may designate you to apply for a permanent residency visa.
Apply for your PR visa after you are nominated by a province.

The criterion for reviewing the PR application differs from province to province.
Documents Required
Applicants must submit the following documents to apply for the Canadian PNP program:

Passport status and travel history
Qualifications in education
Professional qualifications
According to a recent medical report
Certificate of clearance from the police
Other supplementary materials

The Provincial Nominee Program has the following features:

Nearly 80 different PNPs are available in Canada, each with its own set of eligibility conditions. The PNP program enables provinces to meet their specific immigration needs by assisting them in filling in-demand positions and addressing labor shortages in their area.

Applicants for most PNPs must have some sort of ties to the province. They should have worked or studied in that province previously. Alternatively, they must have an employment offer from a provincial business in order to obtain a work visa.

A provincial nomination can help you obtain your PR visa in two ways. It can boost your Express Entry application by 600 CRS points and allow you to apply for your PR visa directly with IRCC.


Y-Axis is a key authority on Canadian immigration throughout the world. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your application satisfies all of the requirements and has the best chance of success. The following are some of the services we provide from start to finish:

Checklist for Immigration Documents
Process your application completely.
Forms, paperwork, and application submission
Follow-up and updates
Services for job hunting
In Canada, relocation and post-landing assistance are available.

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is a limited-time opportunity that you must seize right away. Please contact us to learn more about how you might benefit from this.


What is PNP in Canada?
What are the PNP program’s eligibility requirements?

To apply for the PNP, you must either meet the province’s non-Express Entry stream’s minimal qualifications or be nominated under that stream.

You must contact the province directly if you do not receive a nomination.
What is the procedure for applying for PNP in Canada?

Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada can be applied for in two ways. These are the following:

Expedited Admission

Non-Express Admission

Express Entry applications are accepted.

The majority of Provincial Nominee Program streams are linked to the Express Entry system. You can build a profile, and if you meet the basic requirements, you will be included to the candidate pool.

They can choose your profile for nomination if any province has requirements. This is contingent on your profile’s suitability. After receiving an Invitation to Apply from any province, you can apply for a PR Visa. Visa -SINP draw invites 85 immigration candidates

The application to a PNP directly:

You can easily apply for a certain Canadian province if you have one in mind. To apply directly to a Provincial Nominee Program, follow the steps below:

Choose a province’s PNP.
Complete the application and submit it in its entirety.
Obtain a nomination from that province’s/nominating PNP’s committee.
Receive the Certificate of Nomination

• Contact the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) to apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada.
Is a job offer required for PNP?

For the following Provincial Nominee Program streams linked to Express Entry, a job offer is not required:










Ontario Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category International Skilled Worker of Saskatchewan MPMP Skilled Worker of Manitoba Express Entry Labour Market Stream of New Brunswick PNP Nova Scotia Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-category International Skilled Worker of Saskatchewan

What is the process for obtaining a Provincial Nomination to immigrate to Canada?

Every Canadian territory and province has its own set of regulations and initiatives. Territories and provinces, for example, can target the following in a program stream:

Occupational specialties
Workers who are semi-skilled
Workers with specialized knowledge
People in the business world

Candidates can apply for Provincial Nomination after receiving genuine job offers or through the Express Entry system. Some provinces have their own lists of in-demand occupations.

If an applicant’s occupation is on the province’s In-demand Occupation List, the province will extend an invitation to submit for nomination. If they get the nomination from the province, they can next apply for a Canada PR Visa.
I’m in India and plan to apply for a PNP PR. Will the PNP PR still allow me to study in Canada before starting work?

Applicants can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program if they have the required work experience, education, and skills. Each territory and province has its own eligibility requirements. While some PNP programs are linked to Express Entry, some are not.

A couple of the PNPs are based on a person’s profession. PNP applications are also accepted from investors and students.
What’s new with PNP Canada?


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