Moment Bianca Ojukwu slaps wife of former Governor Obiano

Moment Bianca Ojukwu slaps wife of former Governor Obiano  An altercation between Willie Obiano’s wife Ebelechukwu and Bianca Ojukwu took place on Thursday during the inauguration of Prof Charles Soludo as Governor, resulting in very minor consequences.


Moment Bianca Ojukwu slaps wife of former Governor Obiano

She accused Bianca of not wanting her husband to be Governor and referred to her as a “bitch.” Obiano’s wife confronted Bianca and accused her of not wanting her husband to be Governor.

Mrs Ojukwu retaliated by leaping to her feet and slapping her, resulting in a brawl.

When the wife of departing Governor Willie Obiano, Ebelechukwu, and Mrs Bianca Ojukwu were embroiled in a quarrel at the inauguration of Prof Chukwuma Soludo as the governor of Anambra on Thursday, there was a lot of drama.
There are, however, conflicting tales as to who was the first to slap the other.
An NAN correspondent who was on the scene reported that the incident took place soon after Soludo took his oath of office, according to the news agency’s sources.
According to NAN, guests, including former governor Obiano, were already seated when Mrs Obiano entered and walked to the front row, where the widow of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu was sat, slapping her.

The inauguration of Soludo is marred by conflict between Obiano’s wife and Bianca Ojukwu,


Bianca Ojukwu, the wife of former Governor Obiano, was involved in a quarrel at Soludo’s inauguration,


The move attracted the attention of security agents and some celebrities, who were able to free Mrs Obiano from the grip of Bianca, who was visibly taken aback by what had happened.
Mrs Obiano was later removed from the scene, and her husband followed shortly after, as the incident occurred after the new governor had been sworn in, according to witnesses.

However, according to a reporter on the ground for WE @ THENIGERIAFM, there was a public display of shame at the government house in Awka during the inauguration of Professor Charles Soludo as governor of Anambra State when the wives of the governor, Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, and the wife of the deputy governor, Mrs Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, fought in the open during the ceremony.



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When Obiano’s wife arrived, Soludo had already taken the oath of office and was in the process of signing the paperwork.
Then she walked right up to Bianca Ojukwu’s desk and told her, “You said we would never win the governorship, and now you’re here.” You are a witch, no doubt about it.
When Bianca grabbed her by the shoulders, a brawl ensued at the high table.
Mr Obiano was brought to where her spouse was seated peacefully by security personnel who came in to separate them.














The inauguration of Soludo was marred by a fight between Obiano’s wife, Bianca Ojukwu, and others,


Following the completion of Soludo’s signature on the documents, Obiano and his wife immediately fled.
Bianca Ojukwu waited till the very end of the event, which was impressive.
Remember that THENIGERIAFM reported that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) reconciled with Bianca Ojukwu when a delegation led by a former chairman of the party, Chief Victor Umeh, paid a visit to the wife of the former Biafran warlord. The delegation included the Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Mr Victor Okafor, as well as other party leaders.
Bianca Ojukwu had stated in her remarks that it was unfortunate that the party had found itself in such a difficult situation that could have been avoided.





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In a statement, the former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain expressed sadness that prior efforts to appease dissatisfied members of the party had failed.
In addition to the governor’s committee, at least two other committees have been established to address the issues of a large number of APGA members who are unsatisfied with the party’s leadership.




“Recommendations were made by the first and second reconciliation committees, but they were never implemented,” she explained.
She, on the other hand, promised to leave the events of the past behind her and to contribute to the advancement of the party.




The dark history of the party and the negative experiences that many of its members have had and are still having are things that I am looking forward to putting behind me.
We are all looking forward to moving forward into a future that is free of the taint of the terrible memories of the recent past.
“We feel that on November 6, we should have a new governor in Anambra under the leadership of the APGA, and we will put this very sad chapter in our party’s history behind us,” Ojukwu added.

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