Template to assist you in writing a business plan for Nexit

A template to assist you in writing a business plan for Npower ad co , Nexit Loan, and other funding sources.

People who have never developed a business plan before may find the process frightening. Writing your business plan does not have to be a scary or intimidating experience. Just remember to keep it brief and to be aware of your target audience.


Whether you are developing a business plan to submit an application to the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), to apply for a Nexit CBN entrepreneurship loan and other loans to expand your business, or simply to determine whether your idea will work, every business plan must include the following six essential topics:

Template to assist you in writing a business plan for Nexit


Opportunity • Executive Summary • Executive • Company and Management • Executive Summary • Executive summary • Financial plan • Appendix
To construct a simple business plan, follow the steps outlined in the template below:




1.) BUSINESS IDEA: What is your revolutionary concept? Is it a physical product or a digital service? What distinguishes your approach from the rest? What distinguishes your products/services from those of your competitors? What will compel consumers to purchase your product?
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2.) BUSINESS NAME: What does your company’s name convey about your company? Is it one of a kind? Memorable? Is it simple to pronounce?

Template to assist you in writing a business plan for Nexit

3.) TARGET MARKET AND DEMOGRAPHIHNCS: Who are the people who will be your customers? Are there any other kids? Teenagers? Men? Women? What city do they reside in? What is it that your target market is most enthusiastic about?


4.) MARKETING: How effectively do you disseminate information about your company? Online? Posters? Is it possible to do so through the newspaper? Do you prefer to communicate via email? Where do you intend to market and sell your products or services?



5.) PRICES: What would you charge for your services? What do your competitors charge for their services?


6.) PROFIT: How much money will you make on each sale after all of your expenses have been deducted? Profit-income-Expenses? What is the item’s sale price, what is the item’s cost, and what is the item’s profit? What do you intend to do with the money you earn? Do you want to reinvest in your company?







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If you cannot afford to hire a professional to write your business plan, you can simply follow the steps outlined above to create one on your own. Remember that you can write your company plan using online business plan tools as well.

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