Umahi Withdrew From 5 Banks After Sacking

Umahi Withdrew From 5 Banks After Sacking “Ebonyi Civil Servants Expose Governor: ‘Umahi Withdrew N6.7bn From 5 Banks After Sacking’Governor Dave Umahi has been accused of illegally withdrawing N6.7 billion from the Ebonyi State Government’s finances just days after being sacked as governor.
According to a petition reviewed by THE NIGERIAFM on Wednesday, Umahi withdrew the hefty cash from five banks holding state accounts to bankroll his appeal of the recent Federal High Court verdict ordering him and his deputy to resign their offices.


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On Tuesday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recognized a petition sent to its chairman by Barr. Nkemakolam Okoro of the Dynamic Options Chambers in Abuja, a lawyer for the Peoples Democratic Party. Servants Expose Umahi Withdrew N6.7bn From 5 Banks After Sacking



In an interview with THE NIGERIAFM on Wednesday, Okoro said Umahi’s alleged looting of the state funds was brought to his client’s attention by civil workers who were privy to the withdrawal.
“It’s a reality that civil workers in Ebonyi State explicitly revealed to our clients.” Because such withdrawals would have to go through protocols, the governor cannot do it without the help of the civil workers. “Those civil servants were the ones who leaked the material to my client, and they had to answer on that basis,” the lawyer informed this website.
Governor Dave Umahi, he claims, wants to “deplete nearly all funds in the Ebonyi State treasury” before stepping down.

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Umahi Withdrew From 5 Banks After Sacking


The appeal against Umahi, EFCC/PET/HQ/0931/2022, was also copied to the Accountant-General of the Federation, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the ICPC, and other financial initiations in the country, according to Okoro.
He said that within a week of Umahi’s dismissal by Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court, the governor “began the vast looting of the properties and funds of Ebonyi State.”
The lawyer claimed in the petition that Umahi “has withdrawn from the accounts of the Ebony State government, held with Zenith Bank, First Bank, United Bank of Africa, Fidelity Bank, and Zenith Bank, held with Zenith Bank, First Bank, United Bank of Africa, Fidelity Bank, and Zenith Bank, held with Zenith Bank, First Bank, United Bank of Africa, Fidelity Bank, and Zenith.

Over 6 billion Naira was raised from Access Bank, Union Bank, FCMB, and Stanbic 1BTC Bank to cover the legal bills of some of Nigeria’s Senior Advocates, which he has hired to handle his appeal.
“Our client has it on good authority that one of the Senior Advocates in Lagos demanded a deposit of $1 million before accepting Mr. Umahi’s appeal papers.” To do this, the naira withdrawals were promptly changed to dollars. “It is, therefore, our client’s request that we inform your honorable office of the previous governor of Ebonyi State, David Nweze Umahi’s huge looting of the state’s wealth.” Our client requests that you utilize your authority to stop David Nweze Umahi’s vast looting of Ebonyi State’s finances, as soon as possible, following the Federal High Court’s decision to remove him from office as governor of Ebonyi State. For your convenience, a copy of the Federal High Court’s enrolled judgment orders is attached.”
We previously reported that following his dismissal by the court, Governor Umahi revealed that He had engaged 18 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) to appeal the court decision that had resulted in the dismissal of him and his deputy.
The governor said that eight renowned lawyers had been paid to oppose his removal in the Abuja Federal High Court, while ten more had been retained to help overturn the decision in the Enugu Appeal Court.
However, when asked about Umahi’s standing, Okoro told THE NIGERIAFM that the two-time Ebonyi governor is still a former governor according to the trial court’s ruling.
“Clearly, no court has given a stay of execution of the federal high court’s ruling appointing the previous governor as governor…. The Federal High Court’s decision is still in effect today. He is still the former governor of the state.

“Only the court that issued the verdict or the appellate court can grant a stay of execution,” he explained.
The Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information, Uchenna Orji, was contacted by THE NIGERIAFM for comment on the claims in the petition, but he promised to give a statement later today.

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