5 Things You Should Know About Scholarships in Denmark

   5 Things You Should Know About Scholarships in Denmark Denmark’s academic institutions take a broad approach to education and produce the most Nobel laureates. However, the country’s higher education costs may be out of reach for certain pupils. There are numerous scholarships available in Denmark to assist you with your educational expenses. Continue reading to learn more!

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Denmark’s education system is ranked third best in the world. The country provides possibilities for international students to study in an environment that encourages international cooperation and provides opportunity to contribute to the country’s economic and cultural growth. However, studying in Danish colleges can be quite costly. Scholarships are available in a range of academic fields in Denmark, and there are numerous scholarship opportunities open to international students. Your eligibility for the scholarship is determined by the criteria established by the schools.

5 Things You Should Know About Scholarships in Denmark

Here are some scholarships you can apply for to finance your study in Denmark.

1. Fullbright Commission Scholarship

Before securing admission to the Danish host universities, you can apply for the Fullbright Commission scholarship program. However, your approved application to Denmark must contain a letter of invitation from a Danish university saying that the grant proposal material is of interest and that the university would help the applicant obtain a Danish resident visa. The funding term must run from late August through June. In late August, you must attend an obligatory Fulbright Arrival Orientation in Copenhagen and also schedule your start date appropriately.

If you are awarded a Fullbright grant to Denmark, you will need to contact Fullbright Denmark ahead of time to prepare your arrival and application for a resident visa. Suppose, your selection is through for a Fulbright award. In that case, you will be meeting with a Fullbright Denmark official via Skype. For the grant term in Denmark, you must include accurate dates in your application since these dates will be utilized for the student’s residence permit, grant documentation, and payment. Moreover, you must also maintain proper communication with Fullbright Denmark during the process, as they will assist you.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree scholarships are high-level and integrated study programs. They are created and distributed by a global consortium of higher education institutions (HEI) and include at least three HEI from three different countries. The scholarship requires two HEIs to be from the EU Member States and one from a third country affiliated with the Programme (previously called Programme Countries). The cost of a student’s participation in the program, travel, and a living allowance are covered in this scholarship.

You can know more about the Erasmus Joint Masters Degree programs through their website. It will also walk you through each stage of the application process. If you have any more inquiries, remember to get in touch with the respective universities as soon as you can.




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3. Finduddannelse.dk Sustainability Scholarship

Students who have applied for a Masters’s degree in subjects related to sustainability can apply for a Sustainability Scholarship through Finduddannelse.dk. This is a Danish portal for lifelong learning. The scholarship is available to students across the globe and studying in all languages. It will roll out in 2023 for the fall/autumn semester and here are the eligibility requirements –

  • You must have begun, been accepted, or applied for a master’s program that can help you make the world a more sustainable place.
  • A valid undergraduate degree is a must and meet the program’s language requirements.
  • You must have or be eligible to apply for an appropriate students visa

4. CBS International Ph.D in Economics Scholarship

The Copenhagen Business School invites applicants from all over the globe to apply for Ph.D. programs in various business-related fields. This Ph.D. program is offered through the Department of Economics at the college. The program requires you to have completed scholarships for postgraduate studies in Denmark in Economics or related areas in your subject of study. You need to be able to communicate in English. You also stand eligible for the scholarship if you enroll in the 4+4 systems.





5. The Lendo Scholarship


The Lendo Scholarship provides students with chances for exchange stays, educational initiatives, and business. It is one of Denmark’s most popular scholarships, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunity to study in a foreign nation through student exchange. The Lendo Scholarship helps with DKK 5.000 to at least one or more candidates once a year. You can use this to improve your skills, entrepreneurship, exchange stays, or whatever else you desire to accomplish as a young student.








The key points that include in the scholarship program are as follows –

  • Projects that are related to one’s education
  • College students can learn about entrepreneurship.
  • The Lendo Scholarship is particularly for college students in education who require a stay abroad as part of an exchange program
  • Financial assistance for a research project in Denmark or an exam project related to your studies. However, the scope of the research is far greater.

What we have to say

The application process for each university and scholarship may differ completely. Hence, factors like eligibility criteria, language proficiency requirements, minimum grades required, and others, may differ too.  These factors make it all the more important to get in touch with the authorities or to check out the official website to know more about these scholarships in detail.




Q1. Are studies in Denmark free for international students?

Answer: Danish and EU students have the privilege to free education. However, international students can apply for various scholarships and grants to aid with tuition fees. Students in Denmark are eligible for government assistance for living expenses while attending university.

Q2. Do you need to speak Danish to study in Denmark?

Answer: If you want to pursue a Danish course, you’ll need to pass a Danish language exam to demonstrate your ability.

Q3. Is a study gap acceptable in Denmark?

Answer: Yes, a study gap of 2 years is acceptable in Denmark.


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