Abramovich poisoned together with Ukrainian negotiators

    Abramovich poisoned together with Ukrainian negotiators  according to reports Along with Ukrainian officials, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is suspected of being poisoned. As seen in the image provided by Thenigeriafm)
Reports suggest that Roman Abramovich, the son of Russian tycoon Dmitry, was killed along with Ukrainian negotiators.

Russia – Ukraine conflict Roman Abramovich was poisoned together with Ukrainian negotiators according to reports

The Wall Street Journal claims that Chelsea FC owner and Putin ally Roman Abramovich was poisoned earlier this month at a meeting in Kyiv.
Two prominent Ukrainian officials are believed to have experienced peeling skin on their cheeks and hands as well as red eyes and continuous crying.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had previously met with Abramovich, was not influenced, according to “those familiar with the case.”
Unidentified chemical weapons are being blamed for the possible poisoning of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and two male peace negotiators. The two men’s lives are not thought to be in danger.


Russia is attempting to starve Mariupol into submission

President Zelensky’s participation in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine may be jeopardized in light of the incident.
Experts believe the alleged attack was carried out to frighten the people it targeted rather than to do serious harm.
According to widely circulated rumors, Russian forces are attempting to poison Zelensky, although it isn’t clear who the intended victim is.




US Closes Its Airspace to Russian Flights over war
One of Abramovich’s most well-known roles is that of a go-between between Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Zelensky.
According to many, Russia is to blame for a number of high-profile poisonings, including Alexei Navalny’s nearly fatal poisoning in Moscow and the death of Putin opponent Alexander Litvinenko in Salisbury.
Three persons, including Russian oligarch turned negotiator Abramovich, experienced’symptoms compatible with poisoning with chemical weapons’ overnight on March 3 and 4, according to investigative media group Bellingcat.
Ten days later, on Monday, March 14, he was discovered at an Israeli airport, waiting for a private flight.
With Rustem Umerov of Ukraine, Abramovich participated in negotiations, along with another Russian entrepreneur, Bellingcat tweeted.
An image of Roman Abramovich taken ten days after the incident, at an Israeli airport, shows him on March 14 (Picture: Reuters)
There were three males who had only consumed water and chocolate, according to the website, while another man who had consumed the same things did not have symptoms.
‘The afternoon of March 3rd took place on Ukrainian territory, and lasted until about 10 p.m.,’ the statement stated.
Later that night, three members of the negotiating team retreated to a Kyiv apartment where they began to experience symptoms such as eye and skin inflammation and searing pain in the eyes.
‘The symptoms didn’t go away till the next day,’ says the patient.
Zelensky’s representative told the Wall Street Journal that he had no information about a potential poisoning.


If the symptoms were caused by an electromagnetic-radiation attack or a chemical or biological toxin, it was difficult to determine.
Bellingcat said that ‘international poisoning with an unidentified chemical weapon’ and’microwave irradiation’ were both feasible explanations for the symptoms.
Claims that porphyrin, organophosphate, or bicyclic chemicals may have been responsible for the symptoms were stated by two chemical weapons experts and a doctor.


Toxin used was likely insufficient to inflict life-threatening damage, and most likely was designed to scare the victims rather than create long-term damage, according to Bellingcat’s tweets.
According to a source acquainted with the situation, Abramovich had not allowed the situation to interfere with his work.
Putin claimed that the oligarch played an early part in peace discussions between Russia and Ukraine, but that the process was now in hand of the two sides’ negotiating teams. The Kremlin

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