2022 Application for Nlng scholarship

2022 Application for Nlng scholarship   Nigeria LNG Limited continues to place a strong emphasis on education and human capital development as areas of particular importance, recognizing that these two areas are integral to the country’s economic and social development.
There are three main levels of scholarship programs offered by NLNG, namely post-primary, undergraduate, and postgraduate. All of these programs are meant to improve academic performance and increase the country’s human resource.




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Scholarship for Post-Primary Education from NLNG

The scheme’s goal is to support high-achieving basic six students in the company’s host communities in their pursuit of post-secondary education. The scheme began with 28 participants in 2012, and by 2019, it had grown to 342 beneficiaries, with a total sum of N825,300,000 ($2.697 million) in funds expended to date. The scheme began with a total of 28 beneficiaries, and by 2019, it had grown to 342 beneficiaries. Prospective students are admitted to the scheme through an online application on the company’s website based on the criteria that have been stated. After that, a selection test is done in order to place the most qualified people on the plan.










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NLNG Scholarship for Undergraduates

Our education intervention program for our host communities was established in 1998 as a crucial component of our overall education intervention program, and it was expanded to include the rest of Nigeria in 2003.

A total of 3,416 undergraduate students from various Nigerian universities have benefited from the scheme, which has seen N768.9 million ($2.5130 million) in funding invested in it. The introduction of online applications and the use of social media (Facebook) for information dissemination in 2012 made the selection process more efficient and cost-effective, while also raising knowledge of the Scheme among the general public and potential applicants. The scholarship grant has a value of N150, 000 per annum for the duration of the awardee’s term of study. Starting with the 2018/2019 academic year, the scheme’s participants were increased from 150 to 300 every year, an increase of 50%.

Scholarship for Postgraduate Study Abroad from NLNG

This scheme was introduced in October 2012, with an annual intake of 15 participants who are given the opportunity to study at top-tier universities in the United Kingdom. According to the scholarship guidelines, the grant is worth USD67,500 per awardee each study. The actual expenditure per awardee, on the other hand, varies between USD45,000 and USD67,500, depending on the degree of study.











Environmental Studies, Engineering, Management, Accountancy, Economics, Information Technology, Geology, Banking, Law, and Medicine are some of the subjects covered by the program.

The 2019 recipients have begun their studies at various universities around the United Kingdom. So far, 78 people have benefited from the scheme, with a total expenditure of N1.308 billion ($4.27 million).

Scholarship for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) sponsored by NLNG

Unfortunately, the security situation in North Eastern Nigeria has resulted in a huge number of vulnerable people being exposed to the elements. Designed to support the Federal Government’s efforts to reconstruct Nigeria’s North-Eastern area, this program awards scholarships to 30 deserving people to assist in this endeavor (10 from each of the IDP camps in the three states worse hit by insurgency – Adamawa, Borno and Yobe). This honor is given to students who have been sponsored in secondary education.

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he Application Process

  • Interested persons should visit www.nigerialng.com to apply.
  • Go on the “Social Performance” menu to select “Education” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on the “Post-Graduate Scholarship” application link on the “Related Links” section of the page to access the application portal.

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