Russian troops that have withdrew are reportedly suffering from radiation poisoning

Russian troops that have withdrew are reportedly suffering from radiation poisoning

Russian troops that have withdrew are reportedly suffering from radiation poisoning

According to reports, Russian troops who have been pulled from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are being transported across the border to a special medical facility in Belarus, where they are being treated for ‘severe radiation sickness.’

“leaked” fresh intelligence on Russia


Russian troops that have withdrew are reportedly suffering from radiation poisoning


US intelligence officials have confirmed that Vladimir Putin’s soldiers have begun to withdraw from the area surrounding the decommissioned nuclear site, after a vow from the Kremlin to reduce the frequency of strikes.


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An employee of the Ukrainian official agency in charge of monitoring the exclusion zone, on the other hand, said that ‘irradiated’ Russian soldiers were being transported by bus to a facility in Gomel for medical care.


‘Another batch of Russian radioactive terrorists who seized the Chernobyl zone was taken to the Belarusian Radiation Medicine Center in Gomel today,’ Yaroslav Yemelianenko said on Facebook. ‘
Is it true that you’ve dug trenches in the Red Forest, lassies? ‘Now you have to live with that for the rest of your brief existence.’ There are certain guidelines for coping with this situation. They are required because radiation is physics — it operates regardless of one’s social standing or the presence of shoulder straps. These effects may have been avoided if the commanding officers and soldiers had only the bare minimum of intelligence.’


Zelenskiy wants Australia to send Tanks to battle Russia

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, the country has experienced severe damage and loss of life as a result of a massive bombing campaign that has taken place throughout the country.
Millions of people have fled the country, with tens of thousands of British citizens opening their homes to Ukrainians fleeing persecution.



Although the Ukrainian capital has been exposed to a barrage of bombing during the duration of the war, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has remained in Kyiv throughout the conflict.
Zelensky has been relentless in his pursuit of help and support from world leaders, as well as in his pursuit of NATO membership on a fast-track basis.


Russian military use phosphorus-tipped shells in eastern Ukraine

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has come under widespread condemnation for his country’s aggression towards Ukraine.
Severe economic sanctions have been imposed in response to his acts, as have prohibitions on competing in major athletic events and countries shifting away from the use of Russian energy.
The AFP news agency reported that a US official stated that Russian personnel were “walking away from the Chernobyl complex and headed into Belarus.”
‘Chernobyl is (an) region where they are beginning to reposition some of their forces — leaving, going away from the Chernobyl complex, and moving into Belarus,’ they explained.
The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was held by Russian forces during the early days of the invasion last month, preventing staff members who were responsible for maintaining the facility from leaving or being replaced by other workers.
According to site personnel, the invading forces were sent on a “suicide” mission because their trucks and equipment did not have anti-radiation shielding, leading them to label them as “suicide.”
One worker who was on the job when the Russians seized control of the area told Reuters that the convoy had kicked up clouds of radioactive dust while driving through the highly toxic ‘Red Forest,’ which got its name after dozens of square kilometers of pine trees turned red as a result of the 1986 explosion and absorbed radiation.


A large portion of the territory surrounding Chernobyl remains off limits to anyone who does not work there or has special authorization, but the Red Forest is regarded to be so toxic that even nuclear plant workers are not permitted to enter.
Another claimed that a soldier who had been sent to work beside them in the facility ‘had no idea’ of the infamous explosion at the plant, which was one of the world’s biggest nuclear catastrophes.
They had no idea of the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred in 1986 when the fourth block (of the plant) exploded, according to him.



They were completely unaware of the type of place they were in. We spoke with soldiers who were just doing their jobs. All we got from them was, “It’s essential infrastructure,” which was all they said. That was the end of it.’



This week, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk stated that the country’s military forces had issued a warning that munitions at the power plant may explode.
‘We urge that the United Nations Security Council quickly take measures to demilitarize the Chernobyl exclusion zone and establish a special UN mission there to reduce the risk of a nuclear catastrophe occurring again,’ she added in a statement.

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