Terrorist stabs Israeli near West Bank settlement

  Terrorist stabs Israeli near West Bank settlement  On Thursday morning, an Israeli man was seriously injured when he was stabbed in the back near the West Bank settlement of Neve Daniel, which is just south of Jerusalem.




Terrorist stabs Israeli near West Bank settlement











He was attacked by someone else on the train, a Palestinian with a screwdriver. The 28-year-old was hurt. They said that three other people had anxiety at the scene, and they were treated by medics right away.
The terrorist was killed by an armed passenger on the bus, the Israel Defense Forces said. This is what they said.




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Palestinian health officials have named the attacker as Nidal Juma’a Ja’afra, 30, who is now dead. Later, Israeli soldiers went to Ja’afra’s hometown of Tarqumiyah to look through his house.
Palestinian media say that fights broke out in the area soon after the troops raided the town. The Israeli military didn’t say anything right away.
One of the worst terror waves in recent years has killed 11 people since last week. Four people were stabbed and rammed by a car in Beersheba, two were shot in Hadera, five were shot in Bnei Brak, and two were stabbed and rammed in Beersheba.
They have been told to keep an eye out for terrorist groups and people who might be a threat both inside Israel and in the West Bank.







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Over the weekend, Ramadan is set to start, which could make things even more tense. On Wednesday night, Israeli cabinet ministers decided not to start a crackdown because they didn’t want to start a rise in violence because of it.











Israeli commandos and Palestinian gunmen exchanged fire on Thursday morning, killing at least two people in the West Bank city of Jenin. Palestine’s media named the two people who died as 17-year-old Sanad Abu Atiyeh and 23-year-old Yazid al-Saadi.
It was reported that Israeli guns hit 14 people in Palestine. Three people were seriously hurt and one was hurt but not badly enough to be taken to the hospital; two people were killed.
One soldier was hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment, the army says.

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