Scholarships in Finland are available

Scholarships in Finland are available
Why should you study in Finland?

Scholarships in Finland are available for approximately 400 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are taught in the English language. Candidates can additionally pursue a Doctorate or conduct research in addition to these options. International students also have the choice of learning in either Finnish or Swedish, but they must be fluent in both languages in order to do so.

For bachelor’s degree programs, you must have completed your upper secondary school diploma or its equivalent. 210-270 ECTS credits are required for the bachelor’s degree at UAS, and the program lasts between 3.5 and 4.5 years. An undergraduate degree from a university consists of 180 ECTS credits and is completed in three years.

To be eligible to study for a Master’s degree, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. In addition, you will be required to have at least two years of relevant work experience in the field.


Scholarships in Finland are available


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The Master’s degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks takes between one and one and a half years to complete and consists of 60-90 ECTS credits. A Master’s degree from a university requires two years of full-time study, which translates into 120 ECTS credits.

In order to be eligible to apply for Doctoral programs, you must first get a Master’s degree. There are 240 ECTS credits in this program, which takes around four years to finish on average.

In order to study in Finland, non-European students are required to pay a tuition cost of approximately €20,000 per year’s intuition.

Scholarship applications are submitted at the same time as study applications; students should research scholarship opportunities and submit their applications on time. Scholarship applications are handled directly by the universities themselves, rather than by the government.

Scholarships for international students are typically awarded on the basis of merit, and there is a set number of scholarships available for each degree program.

It is critical that you pay your tuition payments on time, since this will allow you to apply for a residency permit, which will allow you to receive your student visa more efficiently.

Although it is not entirely inexpensive to live in Finland, you may get by on a reasonable salary as a student. Living in Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, is more expensive than living in smaller towns. Your monthly budget should be in the range of €700 to €1000. It will be less expensive to live in a student residence hall than it will be to rent private accommodations.

The University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and the University of Turku are the three most prestigious institutions in the country.
Finland has some of the best scholarships available.




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For international students, the following is a list of scholarships that are currently available.

Your Business Scholarship for the Formation of a Corporation.

The scholarship is open to students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

A student enrolled in a recognized educational institution.
Has outstanding abilities as well as a letter of recommendation from a tutor.
Has a strong desire to start his or her own business.
Has evidence of financial incapacity on hand.

A bursary of $1000 is included in the benefit, which is intended to assist students with the expenditures of their educational endeavors.

In-person or written referral from a tutor or program coordinator is required.
The most recent outcome from your course.
An essay of 500 words in which you explain why you are deserving of the award is required.

Scholarship for Maid Sailors with Big Dreams

Maid Sailor is a cleaning firm that is passionate about education and would like to award scholarships to students who have demonstrated a desire to further their education.

Students in high school, colleges, universities, and trade institutions are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

A scholarship grant in the amount of $1500 has been awarded.

The winning candidate will get a cash prize in the amount of $3000. The scholarship will be provided in the form of a check, which will be made payable to the winner’s present institution of higher learning. This applies to all students enrolled in a college or university, regardless of their degree level (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral).

You must be a student pursuing any degree or majoring in any degree program to participate.
It is not permitted to be younger than 18.
“Future of E-Commerce: Small Businesses against E-Commerce Giants” is the topic that you must write about.

Procedures for Submitting an Application

Fill out the form at with the following information: name, age, university, major, email, essay text or link, and any other information you think is relevant.

Scholarships in the Sciences and the Law

This is a fully-funded scholarship program that is open to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The grant is exclusively available to students pursuing degrees in science or law.

Full tuition and fees, as well as a living allowance, health insurance money, and other monthly living expenses are covered.
Undergraduates meet the general eligibility requirements.

You must be 24 years old or younger.
It is necessary to have received English instruction in the preceding school.
Two letters of recommendation from the prior school are required.
With the application, you must include a study plan or a statement of purpose.
Entrance letter from any Science and Law School with a QS ranking under 1000 or a successful admission letter from the current school are acceptable substitutes (not more than 3 months).
Holds a 75% grade point average in high school.


For the Master’s Program, the candidate must be under the age of thirty.
The course that was previously taught must be in English.
Pre-admission letter from any Science and Law School with a QS score less than 1000; or, a successful admission letter from the current school you are attending.
Two letters of recommendation from prior tutors are required.
The research proposals for research-based law programs must be submitted by the program.


Scholarships for Achievers at OppU.
Scholarships for orphans are available.
Scholarships for students that defy the status quo.
Scholarships for Environmental Sustainability GreenMatch.
Trendhim Talent Scholarship is awarded to deserving students.


Every year, applications for Finland scholarships for international students become available. It is possible to receive partial or full tuition scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD/doctoral studies.

Start here to apply for scholarships in Finland for international students from African and developing countries all around the world, including those from Africa.

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