Chrisland School scandal: Police launch probe warns

Chrisland School scandal: Police launch probe warns  sharing video could result in 14-year sentence

It has been announced that the Lagos State Police Command has begun an investigation into the infamous alleged rape video featuring children from Chrisland School and that it will ensure that justice is delivered.

Chrisland School scandal: Police launch probe warns

Chrisland School scandal: Police launch probe warns


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People words were contained in a statement made by Benjamin Hundeyin, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command, in which he said that the police have launched an investigation to determine the identity of those involved and to acquire other pertinent information.
What the spokesman for the Lagos State Police is saying

“The attention of the Lagos State Police Command has bee

n directed to an alleged rape video, supposedly featuring students of Chrisland School Lagos, which has gone viral on social media,” stated Hundeyin in the statement.


the identities of the actors in the video, the true incident depicted in it, its geographical location, an alleged threat to a student’s life against a member of the school’s faculty and staff, as well as the circumstances surrounding the alleged repeated pregnancy tests performed on a student without parental consent,” the command stated.

“The command is also cognizant of the cybercrime component of the entire affair and would not hesitate to solicit the assistance of Interpol if the situation demanded it.” The command will collaborate with appropriate ministries, departments, agencies, and non-governmental organizations in order to conduct a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry.”
Those who distribute the sex tape face a 14-year prison sentence — The Lagos State Government

Students from Chrisland Schools were filmed indulging in a sexual act, and the Lagos State Government has issued a public warning to members of the public not to distribute the clip.
According to the state authorities, the act of sharing such video material constitutes child pornography and might result in a 14-year prison sentence.
This media is also used by the state government to warn the general public of the ramifications of engaging in any visual portrayal of sexually explicit conduct with a kid, which is punishable by up to fourteen (14) years in prison, according to the state government. The term “child pornography” refers to the act of creating, distributing, receiving, or possessing an image of a kid.

What you should be aware of






Keep in mind that, just a few days ago, there were reports of a video being circulated on social media platforms in which students from Chirsland School, an elite private school located in Victoria Garden City, were seen engaging in sexual acts while on a trip to Dubai for the World School Games, which will take place between March 10 and March 13, 2022.
Because she was “a prominent actor” in a “immoral act,” the school authorities suspended the female student indefinitely following the event, according to school officials.
The mother of the youngster, on the other hand, alleged that her daughter had been drugged and raped by a group of male pupils at the institution.
Meanwhile, the Lagos State government has stated that all Chrisland Schools branches in various parts of the state will be closed immediately and indefinitely as a result of the event.


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