Police find an abducted lady in hotel Ontario

     Police find an abducted lady in hotel  Three people have been detained and another lady is being sought for kidnapping after police discovered a person being held against her will inside a hotel in Markham, Ontario, on Tuesday.



Police find an abducted lady in hotel
Police said the woman was kidnapped after taking out a loan to gamble.

According to the York Regional Police, authorities received a contact on April 14 from Montreal police regarding a woman who had been kidnapped, according to the police department.

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Police find an abducted lady in hotel


Upon further investigation, officers discovered that the victim had been gaming with a female suspect, who suggested that the victim borrow money from a company she was familiar with that made huge loans.

After borrowing a substantial sum of money, the victim went on to lose it all in a gaming spree, according to the police report.

According to the allegations, the suspects then detained the woman against her will while insisting that she reimburse the money.

On April 15, police reported that they had located the victim at a hotel in Markham, where she had been detained against her wishes. She did not sustain any physical injuries.

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Police stated they had apprehended three individuals, but a warrant for a fourth suspect was still out on the street, they said.

Bing Han, a 44-year-old woman from Niagara Falls, is wanted on one count of kidnapping.

According to the police, Shichao Dong (37), Zeping Gao (26), and Zhipu Dong (23), all of whom are in their thirties, have each been charged with one count of the same offense.

Along with these charges, Shichao Dong is also facing charges for possession of a firearm, negligent storage of a firearm and ammunition, and unauthorized possession of an electronic device or ammunition.

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