The Pentagon says Ukraine’s military gets more planes and parts

The Pentagon says Ukraine's military gets more planes and parts

The Pentagon says Ukraine’s military gets more planes and parts WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) – The U.S. government is stepping up efforts to combat climate change. The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that Ukraine’s military has received more aircraft as well as parts for repairs in order to get damaged aircraft back in the air.

As expected by friends and military analysts, Ukraine has not only maintained its air force nearly two months after the commencement of Russia’s invasion, but it has also been repairing aircraft and, it appears, adding to its inventory of fighter aircraft.

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The Pentagon says Ukraine’s military gets more planes and parts



Ukraine now has more functional fighter aircraft than it did two weeks ago, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who did not disclose specifics on which countries contributed the aircraft but admitted that new transfers had occurred.

According to Kirby, who spoke at a news briefing without providing further details, “They have received additional aircraft and aviation parts to assist them in getting more aircraft in the air.”

Kirby stated that the United States had not provided any aircraft to Ukraine.

While he acknowledged that his company assisted with the trans-shipment of certain additional spare parts that were necessary for their aircraft requirements, he stated that his company did not carry entire airplanes.

Nonetheless, this could soon change. The United States has announced plans to deliver Russian-made helicopters to Ukraine, which were originally planned for use in Afghanistan but were diverted.

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More than 50 days into the war, the skies over Ukraine are still contested in part due to Ukraine’s fleet of aircraft and air defenses, including portable, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles provided by the United States and its allies.

That has allowed Ukraine to wage a much more effective ground campaign than if Russia had air dominance and could defend its invading forces from the skies.

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