JAMB Reprint 2022 Date Portal & Self-Check

JAMB Reprint 2022 Date Portal & Self-Check

JAMB Reprint 2022 Date Portal & Self-Check     JAMB Reprint  which is also  known as your examination slip because it will serve as your permit while you are taking the examination. The JAMB reprint 2022 slip is available for download here.

All candidates are required to print it. We’ll show you how to check and print it yourself at a minimal cost, which will save you money.

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JAMB Reprint 2022 Date Portal & Self-Check


Printing from your computer or mobile device is possible, though printing from mobile devices may be a little more difficult.

Why? This is due to the fact that most of us do not have access to a printing device.

After teaching you how to check the slip on your cell phone, you can take the slip to any local cafe and have it printed out there and then.



JAMB eFacility Portal – JAMB 2022 Result Checker Login

Why it’s important to have a second JAMB print

It serves as your test permission, and you will be required to present it before you will be permitted to sit for the 2022 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Exam. I think you can see that there is a very valid reason why your JAMB reprint is required.
It provides you with the following information about your JAMB registration number: Initially, you will only be able to view your jamb details through your email address. You will be able to view your UTME exam results when you have printed out your UTME exam slip. On top of that, access to your jamb question page is restricted to those with a valid jamb registration number, which can be found on the printed copy.
This also covers the venue and examination date: don’t be surprised if the joint admission and matriculation board assigns a specific examination day to each candidate. You may be unable to participate in JAMB CBT if your exam and venue friend’s date conflicts with yours. Please print yours so that you can become familiar with your surroundings.
The exact time for your exam has been included in the schedule.

Bring all of the slips that were given to you upon registration on the day of your examination, including the JAMB exam slip, with you to the examination.



How to check jamb result with SMS Jamb Result is out








The primary reason for this is that your invigilator may require solid proof from you. Not only that, but it also preserves everything in excellent condition. It will be brought up at a later time.
Date of reprinting for the JAMB is 2022/2023.

So, let’s find out when the printing for JAMB 2022 will begin exactly, shall we? The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has set the beginning date for the printing of exam slips as the 29th of April, 2022, according to a press release.

To ensure that they are fully prepared for the exam, all candidates must begin reprinting as soon as possible before the scheduled time.




click to get ur jamb results here

If your center’s location is not close to your home, please arrive at the center at least 2 hours before your scheduled examination time to avoid being late.

Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/PrintExaminationSlip in your browser.
In the field that asks for it, type in your JAMB registration number or the telephone number that you used when you registered.
Please click on the button that will appear below the field where you enter your registration number.
Wait for it to load and you will see your JAMB exam slip, which you may take a snapshot of, save as a PDF, or print.

In your browser, please allow popups for this site to function properly.

How to reprint your JAMB 2022 examination slip using the dashboard on your computer

To enter the portal in your browser, navigate to the JAMB reprint URL “jamb.gov.ng/efacility./” and click on it.
Sign in using your email address and password. Having trouble logging in? Solution can be found here.
The option to “print Jamb Slip” may be found on your JAMB dashboard.
It’s as simple as clicking it.



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How to print your JAMB Slip via your email

All candidates will be notified through the email, and phone number provided during registration.

For those using Gmail open your Gmail app and check a message from a no-reply sender.

Deadline For Reprinting JAMB Slip

You may have heard this before but there is no deadline or closing date for candidates to print out their examination slips.

However, if the exam officially starts on Monday, you need to check your exam date on the portal before Monday.

This is to prevent you from missing your exam because if you do, nothing can be done other than to register for next year’s JAMB.

The portal for exam slip printing is usually closed after all candidates are done with their exams and results are released.

Those who missed their exams last year cried, went to JAMB’s office, pleaded for another date, unfortunately, there was no solution. Take this thing very seriously if you really want to gain admission this year.

Does The Color Of The Slip Matter?

Some people were asking me in the JAMB Whatsapp group about the importance of the color of the slip they printed.

Here comes the answer; whether you did a colored or black & white printing, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure your details are showing clearly on the slip.

Colored printing is even more expensive than the normal one (black and white), I don’t see any reason why you need to waste your money just because one is fancier than the other.

How Much Does It Cost To Re-Print JAMB Slip?

the prices for the reprinting varies from business center to center  but i all it can all be negotiated 200 naira excluding the additional costs for photocopies (at 20 naira per copy)

Things are a lot different now considering the economic situation of the country and the rate at which the cost of things is escalating.

A candidate told me he printed his slip for 500 naira, others said 300 naira. If you are on a budget, I have a way of cutting costs.

You are going to make use of your phone; follow the steps I laid out to reprint your slip. Then save the document as a PDF on your phone.

The next thing is to go to any computer cafe near you and tell them you want to print a file from your phone. Send the slip PDF to their PC with the help of Bluetooth or USB, they will help you print it for 100/150 naira.

Can I Print The Slip Anywhere?

Yes, you can. When I say anywhere, I mean anywhere there is a PC, printer (with A4 papers of course), and internet connection.

It is not a must you print it out at the CBT center where you registered for the exam, you can do it at any computer cafe near you.

As I have said before; photocopies are necessary.

Problems Candidates Face & Solutions

1. Details Not Found For This Examination: It is telling you that details not found for the exam after typing your details and clicking the button.

Solution: Since you registered with NIN, use your JAMB registration number to check the slip. You find the number on your JAMB registration slip.

2. The Slip Was Not Displayed: If you can’t find anything after entering your details and clicking the print button.

Solution: Check your browser settings to make sure you are not blocking pop-ups. If this doesn’t work, change to desktop on your browser (most of them have this setting at the right-hand side when you click on the 3 dots).

3. The Portal is Closed: The portal is blank or you can’t find any box to input your details/even the button to print the slip.

Solution: There is nothing you can do here, it literally means the JAMB reprinting has not started.

Other Things You Need To Know

  • Candidates who were posted to a center that has been banned will be re-posted and such candidate needs to reprint their new exam date, center and time on the portal.
  • If you lost or forgot your exam slip, you won’t be allowed to sit for the exam unless you provide it.
  • Don’t write anything on your slip as you will be suspected of trying to do examination malpractice.
  • You need to thumbprint before and after the exam.
  • Late registration has no effect on your exam date.
  • You can’t change your exam date. If you don’t like it, that’s your cup of tea.
  • If your exam is to start by 7:00 am, make sure you get there before 6:40 am.
  • Avoid sleeping tablets the day before your exam, so you won’t be sleeping when your mates are doing the exam.


if you want us to check your date and time drop your  jamb registration on the comment section and share our post , we will send your ur reprint on ur whatsapp or email


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