Israel demands apology Russia says Hitler had Jewish roots

Israel demands apology after Russia says Hitler had Jewish roots

         Israel demands apology after Russia says Hitler had Jewish roots  JERUSALEM, May 2 (Reuters) – Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for a boycott of the country’s upcoming elections. According to Israel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the “unforgivable” claim that Adolf Hitler was descended from Jewish ancestors on Monday, calling it a “unforgivable” lie that degraded the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust.






The Israeli foreign ministry summoned the Russian ambassador and requested an apology, sending a strong indication that relations with Moscow have deteriorated dramatically.

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Israel demands apology after Russia says Hitler had Jewish roots


As Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated in a statement, “Such lies are aimed to accuse Jews themselves of the most horrible atrocities in history that have been done against them.”

In addition, he stated that “the manipulation of the Holocaust of the Jewish people for political purposes must come to an end immediately.”




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On Sunday, when asked why Russia felt it required to “denazify” Ukraine since the country’s own president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, was himself Jewish, Lavrov made the statement on Italian television, according to Reuters.

“When people say, ‘What kind of nazification is this if we are Jews,’ I respond by saying that I believe Hitler was of Jewish descent as well, so it means nothing,” Lavrov said, speaking through an Italian interpreter, on the Rete 4 television channel.

As he continued, “we’ve been hearing for a long time now from knowledgeable Jewish people who claim that the largest anti-Semites are the Jews themselves.”

President of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Museum, Dani Dayan, called the Russian minister’s words “an insult and a grievous blow to the victims of actual Nazism.” Yad Vashem is a memorial to the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust.

“Lavrov is peddling an anti-Semitic conspiracy idea with no basis in fact,” Dayan said in an interview with Kan radio.

One of Hitler’s grandfathers was never identified, but there has been some suspicion that he might have been a Jew, however this has never been supported by any evidence.

A request for comment from the Russian embassy in Israel and Lavrov’s office in Moscow did not get an instant answer.



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Ukrainian authorities slammed Lavrov’s remarks, stating his “heinous sentiments” were insulting to Zelenskiy, as well as to the Jewish people, Israel, and the Ukrainian government.

More broadly, they illustrate that Russia today is filled with anti-Western sentiment, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who posted the statement on Twitter.

According to Yair Lapid, a member of Israel’s Foreign Ministry whose grandfather perished in the Holocaust, accusing Jews of being anti-Semites is “the most heinous form of bigotry.” The Russian foreign minister’s claim that pro-Nazi groups controlled the Ukrainian government and military was likewise denied by Poroshenko.

“The Ukrainians are not Nazis in any way. Only the Nazis were Nazis, and only they were involved in the systematic extermination of the Jewish people, according to historians “According to the YNet news website, Lapid

According to a German government spokeswoman, the notion that Hitler had Jewish ancestors was “absurd” propaganda. click here to find out more

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, Israel has reaffirmed its support for the country on numerous occasions. Nonetheless, in order to avoid hurting relations with Russia, which is a power broker in neighboring Syria, it initially avoided open criticism of Moscow and did not impose formal sanctions on Russian oligarchs.

Relations, on the other hand, have been increasingly strained, with Lapid accusing Russia last month of committing war crimes in Ukraine.

Although the Ukrainian president has received criticism in Israel for attempting to draw parallels between the crisis in his country and World War II, he has also received criticism in the United States. According to Zelenskiy, who delivered a speech to the Israeli parliament in March, the Russian offensive in Ukraine is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s aim to slaughter all Jews within its reach during World War II.

Yad Vashem condemned him for his remarks, claiming they were “irresponsible” and that they trivialized the historical events of the Holocaust.

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