Putin loses his ninth general in a devastating counter-strike

Putin loses his ninth general in a devastating counter-strike  President Vladimir Putin has been dealt a devastating new blow with the death of his ninth general, who was slain throughout the course of the Ukrainian conflict.

According to Ukrainian reports, Major-General Andrei Simonov, 55, was killed in action in Izyum, near Kharkov, the country’s second city, during a battle in Izyum.

He was the most regarded electronic warfare commander in Russia, working with the 2nd Combined Arms Army, and he was killed in a devastating Ukrainian counter-attack against a Russian offensive in the summer of 2014.


Putin loses his ninth general in a devastating counter-strike

According to unsubstantiated sources, the offensive resulted in the destruction of more than 30 Russian armored vehicles as well as the deaths of over 100 Russian soldiers.

In addition to losing nine generals, Putin’s army has lost 36 colonels in a little more than two months of combat, according to military analysts, which is an extraordinary rate of attrition for a small force.

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Because generals and colonels are needed to take command of their forces on the front lines, the loss of senior military members might be a sign that an army is suffering from poor discipline.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has dispatched his chief of defense staff, General Valery Gerasimov, to take personal charge of the Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine, according to media reports.
Sinonov’s death, coupled with the deaths of 100 other Russian soldiers – and the alleged loss of armored vehicles – is another setback for the Kremlin leader, who had hoped to call the mission a success on 9 May, Victory Day in Russia, which commemorates the conclusion of World War II.
He is by no means the only high-profile military figure to die as a result of the invasion’s events.
Sergeant General Andrey Mordvichev, one of President Vladimir Putin’s most senior commanders, was slain early this month when he was shot and killed in the head by a sniper in the Kremlin’s massive Southern Military District’s 8th All-Military Army.
Colonel Sergei Sukharev, one of Russia’s most senior paratroop commanders and a member of one of the country’s most elite battle teams, was in the same boat.
While it is difficult to estimate the actual number of individuals who died during the war, it is evident that Russia has suffered significantly larger losses than it had anticipated.
In a recent interview, British Defence Minister Ben Wallace stated that 15,000 Russian soldiers have killed so far.




According to a Western official , the rate of casualties among the invading army’s number is gradually declining as the scope of the attack is being reduced.
Following a failed assault on Kyiv in Ukraine’s northern region last month, Russia is now attempting to completely encircle and take two eastern regions known as the Donbass.


In regards to Russian casualties, one of the officials stated that “the nature of the operations has been decreased in terms of geographic dispersion, so that the total numbers are decreasing.”
“However, the degree of losses that we’re witnessing in terms of those locations where they’re engaged Ukrainian forces is still fairly substantial,” says the analyst.
When asked if there had been any Ukrainian casualties, he responded that there had been some Ukrainian casualties in the Donbas.
Despite the fact that they are suffering losses, “they are not suffering losses on the scale that Russian forces are suffering,” the official stated.



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He added: “Those losses on Russian forces, we assessed to be having a significant impact on the will to fight of wider Russian forces, but the Ukrainian losses are not affecting the morale of the Ukrainian forces.”

Russia, which says it launched a “special operation” to demilitarise its neighbour, has not updated its official casualty figures in several weeks.

Today the UK’s Ministry of Defence predicted that a quarter of the battalions Russia sent into Ukraine had been rendered combat ineffective.


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