Putin to undergo cancer surgery transfer power to

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Putin to undergo cancer surgery transfer power to According to a video posted on Saturday by the mysterious Telegram channel “General SVR,” Putin would hand over authority of Russia’s government to Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Russian federal police’s Security Council, while he remains paralyzed during and after the procedure.

It was alleged by the channel, which is purportedly controlled by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general who goes by the alias “Viktor Mikhailovich,” that Putin has been informed by physicians that he will need to undergo surgery.

According to the unconfirmed story, Putin is expected to be incapacitated for “a short period of time” following the planned operation and recovery.

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Putin to undergo cancer surgery transfer power to


“Putin is unlikely to agree to hand over power for a longer period of time,” the narrator of the video states, adding that the control of the country will likely be in Patrushev’s hands for no more than two to three days.

“I will say that this is the worst option,” the narrator adds. “Patrushev is an outright villain. He is no better than Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he is a more cunning, and I would say, more insidious person than Vladimir Putin. If he comes to power, Russians’ problems will only multiply.”

“Viktor Mikhailovich” ominously hinted that he and his allies “will make certain efforts so this does not happen, and I hope we will succeed.”


Despite claims that Putin’s disease is spreading, the insider sneered, “False hope” is not something he wants to give viewers, according to the source.

Speculation regarding Putin’s health has recently centered on his sickly appearance and uncommonly fidgety conduct in public. He is said to be suffering from cancer and a variety of other serious illnesses, including Parkinson’s disease.

President Vladimir Putin’s suspected health concerns have surfaced at an inconvenient time, as the war in Ukraine enters its third month and Russia continues to suffer huge losses on the battlefield.


In a Telegram post that appeared Thursday, it was alleged that Patrushev had had a two-hour “heart-to-heart” conversation with Putin.

“We know that Putin signaled to Patrushev that he considers him to be practically his only trusted ally and friend in the government,” the post claimed. “Additionally, the president promised that if his health takes a turn for the worse, actual control of the country will temporarily pass into Patrushev’s hands.”

In early April, the authors behind the Telegram channel claimed that Putin’s doctors had recommended surgery for later that month, but that did not happen.


As far back as November 2020, a Russian news outlet called “General SVR” has been reporting on Putin’s alleged oncology diagnosis, alleging that the Russian dictator is suffering from colon cancer.

Putin, according to a report published last month by another Russian investigative news organization, Proekt, had been visited dozens of times by a leading thyroid cancer specialist at his Black Sea property.




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The physical condition of Russian President Vladimir Putin was called into question last month when he was spotted aggressively holding a desk during his meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The Kremlin has maintained its denial that Putin is suffering from any medical issues.

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