Faces Of Troubled Black Men In Kendrick Lamar’s New Song

  Faces Of Troubled Black Men In Kendrick Lamar’s New Song  Along with the tune, Lamar released a music video that was directed by Lamar and his brother, Dave Free.

The video features Lamar rapping, but the camera pans across his face, which changes from one deceased black man to another troubled black man throughout. OJ Simpson, Kanye West, Jussie Smollett, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, and Nipsey Hussle are among the celebrities who have benefited from his swap.

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Faces Of Troubled Black Men In Kendrick Lamar’s New Song

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“Yes, I am. The words “all of us” were seen in the opening moments of the video, which is tied to the song “Oklama,” which is the name Lamar has used to allude to his recent statements about the album, which is titled “Oklama.”

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The changing expressions are also tied to the lyrics as they are revealed. “Buddy’s bipolar,” says Kanye West in a face-shift, as Simpson raps “bulletproof rover,” says Simpson’s face, and Hussle closes the face-shift with an extended soliloquy from the perspective of the deceased rapper who was slain in 2019 and a close friend of Lamar, says Kanye West.



Lamar’s rap in response to Hussle’s goes as follows:

“To my brother, to my children, I’m in a better place… To the assassin who hastened my demise: I forgive you, but know that your soul is in jeopardy/ I saw the agony in your pupil when that trigger was squeezed/ And though you did me gruesomely, I was certainly relieved/ I completed my mission, but wasn’t ready to leave/ But I fulfilled my days, and my Creator was pleased… To my neighborhood, may the good win out over the bad… “I can’t hold it against the hood on the day I was slain.”
In this quiet groove, we hear Lamar’s ongoing series dubbed “The Heart,” which has been running since 2010.


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