I built our house Mercy Aigbe’s husband says

I built our house Mercy Aigbe's husband says

   I built our house, Mercy Aigbe’s husband says.  Mercy Aigbe’s husband responds to his estranged wife, saying, “I BUILT our house myself.”


According to Kazim Adeoti, a Nigerian movie marketer and husband of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, his first wife, Oluwafunsho, claimed that she was the sole provider for their matrimonial home. Kazim Adeoti has denied this claim.

On Monday, Oluwafunsho turned to her Instagram page to give a stern warning to the newlyweds against the uploading of photos and films recorded at the residence. “Please do not post any photos or videos taken at the residence,” she said.


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In her social media posts, the mother of four said she spoke with the couple personally first before publicly criticizing the actress’s social media posts, which included photos and videos taken in the house she claimed she purchased with her “hard-earned money.”
“The next time Mercy makes another post in that house that I furnished with my hard-earned money and shares it on social media, my next move will be cruel on this so-called social media toward both of you,” she told her husband in now-deleted posts that she had shared in private conversations.

On Monday, Adeoti responded to the post with a post on his Instagram page, in which he claimed that his first wife’s allegations were untrue.

I built our house Mercy Aigbe’s husband says


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“I’ve read a lot of things that have been published about me and my family,” he stated in his letter. Several of which are fabrications of lies, and some of them come directly from my first wife (who naturally is upset that I married a second wife).”

“While there is nothing wrong with a husband and wife working together to create a house, in my case, we did not do so. ” “I built the house entirely by myself,” he continued.

Adeoti goes on to clarify that, while his first wife had given certain furniture for their home, he had reimbursed her for a percentage of the money incurred.

“She purchased some furnishings materials while I was equipping the property, and I have repaid a portion of the money she spent. My second wife had also made some additions to the house in terms of furnishings.

In the first place, it is not in my nature to speak badly of people who were formerly close friends, let alone my first wife” (who is still my wife as we speak). Because of the good and hard moments we had together, as well as the good children that God provided us, I will not talk ill of her,” he said.

When Adeoti and Aigbe announced their engagement on social media in March, the couple became a social media sensation.


‘You once called Mercy a wh*re’ – Mercy Aigbe’s husband’s 1st wife continues to drag them on IG



According to her most recent blog post, the mother of three lambasted the new couple for converting the house she built into a love nest.

she said. “Kazim you underestimate me right, it’s ok to do so because I was your fool for 20yrs abi humm,” she continued. “I told you if it continued I would post this message…bobo, mi se omo ale…hope you got that,” she concluded.

It’s the AUDACITY FOR ME, LIKE, SERIOUSLY…like I told you, you can have him and do whatever the h-ll you want with him, but one thing I will NOT LET GO OF IS MY SWEAT, WHAT I HAD WORKED HARD FOR.”

“LITTLE GIRL, you’ve got some balls to do it. How dear do you think it’s okay for me to show off what I’ve worked so hard for on a daily basis, and do you believe I’d be okay with it… Kazim, please tame your d*g. I FORESTOOD YOU. A WAY TOO LARGE NUMBER of times. KAZIM, I’m coming to get what’s rightfully mine, I swear to you.”

She went on to describe the period during which her estranged husband denied having a relationship with Aigbe and referred to her as a whore.

“Please take note that KAZIM never informed me of his decision to marry a second wife; instead, I discovered it on the internet, just like everyone else.. yea, I admit I suspected he was sleeping with her, hence I called and cursed her out several times, and each time I confronted him, he provided me with a long list of men she sleeps with and said “lailai she’s a whore and she is nothing,” so I looked the other way (

“Despite the fact that I am not Bast—d, I am posting this on social media to demonstrate to you all that social media is indeed a GOD and that people literally live, breathe, eat, and sleep on social media… I warned him not to put me to the test, but he and his partner continue to push me.”

“I am not a softie, and I will not be forced into quiet by either of you. No way in hell. You and your partner are wonderful, but honey, I repeat, NOT ON MY MONEY OR SWEAT… THANK YOU.”

Aigbe had posted videos and photographs from a house that he claimed to be owned by Funsho and Adeoti on social media.


First wife of Mercy Aigbe’s husband issues warning over property


Oluwafunsho, first wife of actress Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Kazim Adeoti, took to her Instastories on Sunday evening to issue a stern warning to the actress and their husband.

Although the main cause was not stated in the post, social media insinuated that she is angry because Mercy took photos in the house she and Kazim reportedly built together.

Mercy filmed herself taking photos and videos on the staircase yesterday as she and Kazim prepared to attend Ini Edo’s 40th birthday bash. The staircase is the same as the one Oluwafunsho used in taking her birthday photos many months ago.

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