Russia to cut electricity to Finland Today

Russia to cut electricity to Finland Today

Russia to cut electricity to Finland Today  As tensions increase over Helsinki’s NATO push in the aftermath of the Ukraine war, a supplier claimed on Friday that Russia will cut electricity supplies to Finland this weekend.

“Effective May 14, we are forced to cease power imports,” RAO Nordic, a subsidiary of Russian state energy firm Inter RAO, said in a statement, adding that it has not received payment for volumes sold in May.


US – Switzerland accused of hiding Russian assets

Russia to cut electricity to Finland Today


“RAO Nordic is not able to make payments for the imported electricity from Russia,” the statement added.

“This situation is exceptional and happened for the first time in over 20 years of our trading history,” RAO Nordic said, hoping the situation would “soon” improve and the trade could resume.

On Thursday, Finland’s leaders declared their nation must apply to join NATO “without delay” – a seismic change in policy since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine on February 24.



US – Switzerland accused of hiding Russian assets

The Kremlin has warned Russia would “definitely” see Finnish membership as a threat, while the Russian foreign ministry said Moscow would be “forced to take reciprocal steps, military-technical and other, to address the resulting threats.”

Russian associate threatens Finland and Sweden with a nuclear strike


An associate of the Russian government has issued a nuclear attack threat against Finland and Sweden.


Dmitry Rohozin, the president of the State Space Corporation “Roscosmos,” has “joked” about firing a strategic missile system against Finland and Sweden in the event that they join NATO.

Rohozin’s direct speech: “Oleksandr Hrushko, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that Russia does not harbor any aggressive intentions toward Finland and Sweden.

In addition, Sarmat does not have a biased attitude or any unfriendly intentions toward the countries that are a part of NATO.

North Korea Issues SOS as Unnamed Disease Spreads to 350k People

The task is exactly of that nature.”

Information that is useful: The RS-28 Sarmat is a silo-based strategic missile system that was developed in Russia during the fifth generation. It is equipped with a hefty multi-stage intercontinental liquid ballistic missile.


Recent months have seen an increase in the frequency with which Russian authorities and propagandists discuss the possibility of a nuclear conflict.
For instance, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, has stated that the flow of weaponry into Ukraine by nations that are a part of NATO raises the likelihood that the conflict may escalate into a full-fledged nuclear war.
Avril Gaines, the head of the National Intelligence Service in the United States, claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons on Ukraine if it becomes impossible for him to conceal the fact that his troops have been defeated in Ukraine.
The Western governments have already begun to have doubts about Russia’s preparation for a nuclear escalation, and as a result, they have hastened the shipment of heavy weaponry to Ukraine, as reported by the Financial Times.

There is no proof that Russia is prepared to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine, according to the leadership of the North Atlantic alliance. William Burns, the chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, has also claimed that there is no clear proof that Russia is planning for a nuclear strike on Ukraine. He mentioned this in a statement.

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