What You Need To Know About Npower Biometrics Stream 2

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   What You Need To Know About Npower Biometrics Stream 2 We will be addressing What to Know About the New Npower Biometrics News for Stream 2 in the most recent Npower news that was released today; thus, if you are a Npower applicant who is waiting for stream 2 shortlisting, come here!


Npower Batch C Stream 2 begins biometrics today




What You Need To Know About Npower Biometrics Stream 2







You may recall that there was an update addressing the shortlisting of stream 2 for biometric verification a few months ago, and the majority of you took advantage of this opportunity to record your fingerprints at that time.

However, Npower was quick to take action and put the exercise on hold, stating that the change of biometrics verification was only for the stream 1 supplementary list. However, the majority of the stream 2 applicants who were still waiting had already done their biometrics fingerprint capturing because they saw a change on their verification status.

In spite of this, Npower announced in a new update that was published on the 14th of May 2022 that the company had started the second phase of the shortlisting process and had given instructions to Npower applicants to begin the process of biometrics collection, which had been put on hold a few months earlier. The updated instructions can be found at this link: Nasims Instruct Npower Batch C Stream 2 To commence Biometric Capturing.

If you visit the verification status on your Nasims dashboard, you will discover that your fingerprint has already been taken. This is due to the fact that the majority of you have previously completed the biometrics collecting process earlier. If this is the case, there is no need for you to freak out or exert yourself because it indicates that you have completed your biometrics and there is no longer a requirement for recapture.






Having said that, if you have applied for Npower but were not shortlisted for stream 1, or if you have applied for stream 2 biometrics verification but have not been successful in the past, please login to the Nasims dashboard at https://nasims.gov.ng to check on the status of your verification application. There is a chance that you will be successful this time, and if you have already captured your biometric fingerprints for stream 2 in the past, there is no need to do it again.

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