Easy steps to Link Email to Jamb Profile 2022/2023

  Easy steps to Link Email to Jamb Profile 2022/2023  How To Link Your Email Address To Your Jamb Profile 2022/2023: How do I connect my Jamb profile with my email address? I attempted to visit my Jamb portal, and when I did, I was prompted to enter my email address; however, I don’t recall providing an email address when I registered for Jamb. If this is the case, how can I retrieve both my email address and my password in order to access my Jamb Caps Portal? , How to connect email to the JMB examination without using text messages, how to link email to the online JAMb portal

Hello SAVANT! hello, and thank you for joining me for this installment of my “Jamb Doctor Series.” In this episode, I will demonstrate how you can successfully link your email address to the Jamb Profile/Portal in a comprehensible manner… That’s quite cool, isn’t it? Keep an Eye Out! .

Easy steps to Link Email to Jamb Profile 2022/2023


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has stated that, effective immediately, students will no longer be needed to use their email address while registering for the Jamb examination. This change was made in an effort to lower the rate at which student data is exposed.


What this implies is that, just as you get ready to register for Jamb, there are certain information you must have, like an active Phone number, about 5000 Naira for the registration, the course and Institution you will like to study in, but you will not need an active email address.


But why did Jamb come up with the idea that candidates could register for Jamb even if they did not have an email address?

According to the Jamb Registrar, Professor Is-haq Oloyede, the information of candidates is exposed to questionable cyber-cafe operators and other criminal elements who, in the process of their UTME or Direct Entry registration, steal email passwords in order to commit fraud.

“They obtain access to profiles of these candidates on the premise of creating an email address for them,” the Jamb Registrar said. After that, they make a different decision, which is to prevent the applicants from receiving messages from the board. After the users have changed their passwords, they extort money from them as well.

I’m going to suppose that after reading these few points from the Registrar of JAMb, you agree with the decision to stop allowing candidates to use their email addresses when registering for JAMb, right?

The registrar went on to say that the only significant criteria needed to complete any of the 2022/2023 registration processes is your phone number. I will have provided a more in-depth explanation of the full registration process for Jamb; if you are interested, you can view it HERE.

In order to register for Jamb, you will discover that there are certain things you will be unable to do. One of these things is “access their Student Jamb CAPS page,” and you won’t be able to do this at least not until you are able to connect your Email address to your Jamb Profile account. This is due to the fact that you now only use your Phone number instead of both your Phone number and your Email address.




That is the essence of today’s episode of my “Jamb Doctor Series“, here I will show you how you can connect/link your Jamb Email address to Jamb Profile and also Jamb’s stipulated deadline for doing this. You don’t need to thank me, what are friends for! lol


All you have to do now, is sit back and read carefully, you can take a glass of water if you want


I will first explain what an email address is and how to create one, then I will explain to you why it is important that you link your email address to Jamb, and then I will show you a step-by-step guide with images for guidance on how to link your email address to Jamb, and in the process, I will answer some frequently asked questions…

You can navigate more easily using the table of contents that is provided below. ENJOY!!!


Email is an acronym for Electronic mail, According to Wikipedia, An Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages (“mail”) between people using electronic devices.

This email allows you receive information from Jamb when the time is right, it also allows you to be able to create a profile account with Jamb where you can carry out activities like;

  1. Check your Jamb result
  2. Print Jamb Admission letter
  3. Do Jamb correction of details if you accidentally make a mistake in your student data (NAME, Date of Birth, e.t.c)

If you do not already have an Email address, you can follow this short guide on how to create an Email address for yourself, after successful creation of your email, you can now proceed with reading this post.



How To Create Email Address For Jamb

To be able to create an email for Jamb, you must have mobile date and a computer that can access the internet. If you have these ready, then follow this guide to create your email address for free


For this tutorial, we shall be using Google mail, there are other mail providers hotmail, Yahoo mail e.t.c but Jamb recommends you use Google mail (Gmail).

  • First visit Gmail.com
  • Click on the “create account” button
  • After which, you will be provided with a form, fill this form appropriately.
  • Follow the prompt thereafter and create your Account.

Keep your email address and Password jealously, because you will be using it all through your admission process.



Now that you know what an email address is and how to create one, I will now explain to you, why it is important you link Email address to Jamb.



The reason for doing things often propel you to do them, hence, I will show you what you stand to gain or loose if your do or do not link your Email address to Jamb.

The following are reasons to link Email address to Jamb;

The list is endless, Everything that can be done with Jamb is through your Jamb Profile online, so you see why it is important to link your email to Jamb.

There is only one way currently available to link email address to Jamb Profile; and it is by…

  • Linking Email Address To Jamb Profile through SMS

The good thing about this method is that, you do not require DATA, at least not in the process of doing it, and it is stress free, in fact, in three (3) minutes you are done, but you are required to have at least N50 naira on your phone and it must be done with the sim you registered Jamb With.

I will explain, how this method works shortly, so you won’t have to pay unnecessary fee to someone else to do the Job for you. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.




To be able to use this method, you must have the mobile number you used to register for Jamb and NIN readily available, if you do, then follow the steps below…

Time to link email to Jamb 4 minutes

1. Locate the SMS app on your Android or IPhone

2. Fill In your Email Address

The next step is to fill in your Active Email address in the message box using this format;  “Email, your email, your email“ make sure what you typed is in the exact same format as what is in the image above.

If what you typed is exactly the same with the Image above, (with bubblesnigeria.com@gmail.com replaced with your actual email address), then you are good to go

3. Then click “Send” to 55019 or 66019

After accurately filling the message box with “Email, your email, your email“ go over it again to ensure the data you entered is correct, if correct, Click on the Send Icon on your Mobile phone to 55019 or 66019

4. Login To Your Email Account To Check For The Password Sent

once you click on send, login to your Email account (Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail) to see the Password sent to you by Jamb (Yahoo mails are not encouraged due to delay in delivery)

The password is usually in the format “cand******“. make sure you don’t show this to any one else, because with it, they can access your Jamb profile

5. Login To Your Jamb Portal Using your Email Address and New Password

To confirm that it actually worked, visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/ and use the Email address you linked with your Jamb profile and the new Password sent to you by Jamb to login to your Jamb Profile Account.

HERE you can now check your Jamb Caps, accept or reject admission or even confirm if your O’ level result have been uploaded to Jamb or Not.

YES, that’s all.

Now that you have been able to login to your Jamb Profile, you can now access your Jamb Caps Profile, in your CAPS (Central Admission processing system) you will

know when offered admission by your school of choice.

For those who don’t know much about Jamb CAPS yet, I have explained everything there is to know about Jamb CAPS HERE already

Once on your Jamb profile, you can then access your Jamb Caps to accept or reject admission by following the procedure below…

How To Access Jamb Caps

  • Fill this page with your correct Email address and password and hit the login button
  • Next, locate the “Check Admission Status” option on the left sidebar of profile (for those using phones, you can find this by clicking on the menu button on the page.

Once you click on the check admission Status Option, you will be taken to a page where you will asked to access Jamb CAPs, as shown below


  • Click on theAccess my CAPs button and Viola, you will be logged in to your Jamb Caps Dashboard.

I have explained some of the terms you tend to see on your Jamb Caps; Meaning of Admission In Progress & Not Admitted On Jamb Caps


If for some reason you lost or forgot the password to your Jamb profile, all you need to do to get it back is either check the email address to which the password was initially sent to or text the word “PASSWORD” followed by the email address to the number 55019 or 66019 from the same number you used to register for Jamb. If you want to check your email address, send the word “PASSWORD” followed by the email address to 55019.

You may also change your password by going to the login page for your Jamb profile and selecting the option that says “forgot password.”



Questions that are typically inquired about (FAQ)

In this article, I will make an attempt to respond to some of the most often asked issues regarding the process of linking an email address to a JAM profile.
When does the link between an email address and the Jamb have to be completed?

When it comes to associating an email address to the JAM, there is neither an official deadline nor a closing date.

However, I would advise you to link your email address to Jamb as soon as feasible, if at all possible right now, so that you can check the status of your admittance and either accept or reject it as appropriate.
What Consequences Will Result From My Failing to Link My Email to Jamb?

You will not be able to access Jamb Caps, accept or reject admission, do jamb Correction, access Jamb Market place, and a lot of other things if your email address is not linked to Jamb.

Also, if you attempt to access your Jamb caps, you will receive the message “Jamb Caps not Eligible Jamb Email Login” when the field is returned to you.

Once you have linked your email address to Jamb, you will be able to use this email address to log in to your Jamb Caps Portal, which can be found at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility /.
Is It Okay If I Use The Email From Last Year For The Jamb This Year?

NO, you cannot use the same Email address for JAMb more than once. What I suggest instead is that you create and use a new email by following the instructions I also showed you here. Creating a new email account won’t cost you anything, so there’s no reason not to do so.

More information on this topic can be found at: Using the Same Email, Phone Number, and Profile Code Twice in Jamb Must I Print My Email to Jamb Before Printing

Before printing or reprinting your Jamb slip, you are not permitted to link your email address to Jamb in any capacity.

You will be able to reprint your Jamb slip and check your Exam date and schedule regardless of whether or not your email is linked to Jamb. This is the case even if you do not link your email to Jamb. If you do not link your email address to your Jamb account, you will not be able to access your Jamb profile, and reprinting your Jamb results is not done through your Jamb profile.
How to link jamb to email without using text messages

You can link your email to Jamb by sending a text message with the email address you want to link to Jamb to the number 55019. At the moment, there is no other way to link your email to Jamb besides through an SMS. To complete this task successfully, I have laid out a detailed roadmap for you to follow.
Is sending an email part of the JAM requirement?

Although you will need an email address to take the Jamb exam, you will not be required to provide one in order to register for the exam.

You are free to proceed with Jamb registration even if you do not have an email address; but, once you have registered for Jamb, you will be required to link your registered Jamb details with your email address by following the steps that I have outlined for you here.
What steps do I need to do to activate my JAMB caps?

Once you have successfully linked your email address to Jamb, a password will be emailed to the email address that you linked with Jamb. This is the only method that you will be able to activate your Jamb caps portal for the 2022/2023 testing cycle.

You will then be able to log in to your Jamb profile page at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ using the email address and password that you created. Then access the caps you have stored in Jamb. You are unsure of how to proceed with this, are you? , then you should check out this Instructions on How to Access the JAMb CAPS and View Your Admission Status
How to determine if or not your email address has been linked to the JAM
Linking Your Email Address to Your Jamb Profile Password

Simply opening the email app on your phone or personal computer and checking to see if you have received a message from JAMB at the address noreply@jamb.gov.ng is all that is required of you in order to determine or verify whether or not your email address has been linked to your Jamb profile. If you see the word “yes,” it indicates that the linking process to your Jamb profile was successful.

Simply open the email that was received to noreply@jamb.gov.ng, and you will find the password for your Jamb Portal there. You can use this password to log in at any time.
In conclusion

In order to avoid issues such as your Jamb Caps displaying that you are not eligible to use this service, you need to make sure that your Jamb Email is properly linked to your Jamb profile. To do this, send the message “Email, your email, your email” to the number 55019 or 66019.

Read on for an explanation of the differences between the JMB and the school cutoff mark.

For the time being, this will be all there is to cover; however, I do realize that you might have a question or two to ask; if so, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below!

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