Beijing warns British politicians not to ‘hype China’

Beijing warns British politicians not to 'hype China'

Beijing warns British politicians not to ‘hype China’   Beijing implores British lawmakers to avoid “hyping the China danger” in a recent statement.

Beijing has cautioned British politicians to refrain from making overly critical statements about China, stating that “hyping the China menace” will not assist the UK in finding solutions to its own issues.


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When asked about Rishi Sunak’s comments, in which he labelled China as Britain’s greatest long-term threat and pledged to close all UK-based Confucius Institutes, Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, declined to offer any specific comments. He stated that the election of the next leader of the Conservative Party is an internal affair of the United Kingdom.

In spite of this, he continued by saying, “I do want to tell some UK lawmakers that they can’t solve their own problems by frequently utilizing China to make arguments and hyperbolizing the ‘China danger’ and other foolish claims.”

In an effort to shift the focus of the Conservative leadership race onto international affairs and national security, both candidates – Sunak and Liz Truss – have issued strong statements on China, portraying the United Kingdom’s largest import partner and sixth-largest export partner for goods as a “threat.” Sunak and Liz Truss are competing to become the next leader of the Conservative party.
Rishi Sunak Sunak will pledge restrictions on China, which he identifies as the UK’s “greatest long-term threat.”
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On Monday, Sunak is expected to make the statement that China “is the biggest-long-term threat to Britain and the world’s economic and national security,” citing the opinions of the director general of MI5 and the head of the FBI. Sunak is also expected to say that China “is the biggest-long-term threat to Britain and the world’s national security.”

In addition, Sunak will accuse Truss and other western politicians of having “turned a blind eye to China’s malicious actions and ambitions” and will advocate for the formation of a new NATO alliance as a means of retaliating against China’s expansionist policies.

On Monday, Sunak will make this statement: “I will fix this on day one as PM.” “I will prevent China from seizing control of our educational institutions, and I will ensure that British businesses and public institutions have the cybersecurity they require. In addition, I will collaborate with Vice President Biden and other international leaders to strengthen the western world’s resistance to the danger posed by China.

Up until very recently, the Chinese official media considered Sunak to be a more even-keeled candidate when it came to matters concerning China. In an article that was published on July 14th, the state-owned publication Global Times stated that despite the fact that Beijing did not anticipate a sea-change in the bilateral relationship under Britain’s new leader, it still hoped that the two sides might enhance their relations. According to the report, Sunak held a “pragmatic vision of developing balanced ties with China.”





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On the other hand, the nationalist tabloid has harbored ill will for Truss for a long time. The publication made the assertion that Truss was “a radical populist” and cited Chinese internet users who referred to the United Kingdom as “Little Britain” when reporting on an alleged altercation that occurred between Truss and the UK’s ambassador to China the previous year.
Standing outside of Downing Street is Liz Truss.
“Little Britain”: The Chinese media weigh in on allegations of a dispute between Liz Truss and the UK envoy.
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Beijing warns British politicians not to ‘hype China’


Since she became foreign secretary, Truss has, according to the Truss campaign, “helped lead the international reaction to growing Chinese aggression” and “strengthened Britain’s position on China.” They asserted that she will carry on acting in this manner should she be elected.

When it comes to political shakeups in other countries, Beijing maintains a public stance of adhering to the “non-interference” tenet of its “non-interference” foreign policy. When queried by media about Boris Johnson’s resignation earlier this month, Beijing responded with the same line of thinking.

China’s capital city issued a stern warning to the United Kingdom to “have a long-term perspective and bear in mind the wider picture.” In addition to this, it demanded that the incoming head of the Conservative Party “operate with China in the same direction, and encourage the continued and steady development of bilateral relations.”

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