EPSRC DTP PhD scholarship: computer science Visualisation

EPSRC DTP PhD scholarship: computer science Visualisation  Computer science: Fully funded EPSRC DTP PhD scholarship: Visualization of temporal networks through interactions with the space-time cube

More and more people are using dynamic data sets where each piece of data has its own time stamp. Algorithms have been made for drawing temporal networks in the space-time cube (2D + t), which makes it possible to see dynamic graphs in an event-based way. But it’s hard to find your way around three-dimensional representations of information that isn’t about space. So, you need interactive systems to fully understand the structure of a graph and how it changes over time.

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EPSRC DTP PhD scholarship: computer science Visualisation


The student will look into ways to divide and see the space-time cube that are easy on the eyes. The first step of the project will be to show what’s inside this space-time cube by drawing an embedded network with an event-based dynamic graph drawing algorithm. In this case, the methods for visualizing will focus on showing the structure that is already there in the drawing, which takes both space and time into account. Then, we’ll look at ways to draw the dynamic graph on demand in the user-controlled space-time cube.


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Candidates must usually have a bachelor’s degree with a grade of at least 2.1 in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a closely related field, or a master’s degree in a related field with an overall grade of at least “Merit” (or Non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University).

If you need to, you must have an IELTS score of 6.5 overall (with no single score below 6.0) or a Swansea-approved equivalent.




Deadline Uniport 2022 Post-Utme Registration


Any person from any country can apply for this scholarship. Please note that all UKRI-funded scholarships have an international quota. If the number of applicants has already been met by the deadline, you may no longer be eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship pays for all tuition fees and gives a stipend of £16,062 per year.

There will also be money for more research costs.

Please go to the website to find out more.


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